Utica to Emlenton - Allegheny

Hey friends!
Planning a weekend trip down the allegheny and have a few questions for people that have paddled this stretch of the allegheny.

My trip starts Friday around 10am and I would like to make it to Emlenton by Sunday early afternoon ( maybe a 5 mile paddle on Sunday)

I have heard conflicting reports on river speed and paddle times so I’m hoping someone can fill me in on these.
I plan to paddle approx 15-20miles a day.
Utica to Emlenton total is around 45 miles.

Is paddling 15-20 too much per day or too little? Some have referenced their trips as 20 being to much per day as others say they can paddle from Franklin to Kennerdell (16miles) in 4 hours.

My worry is two fold,
Either Friday we put in and realize that we gravely underestimated the distance and have to really push our selves to make our targets.
Or the river is really cooking and we end up making it to Emlenton by Saturday.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Also the trip is taking place July 21-23
If anyone has any points of interest or cool camp sites please feel free to share!

Ps… Utica to Franklin is the French creek that dumps into the allegheny.

Thanks in advance!

I realize this response is 4 mos. late, but… Did you do the trip? French Creek can be pretty scratchy which is why I haven’t done it in the last 35 years. Usually put in at Franklin, river left, by the bike path at the end of the US322 bridge. No PFBC launch permits required. By the time we shuttle to Emlenton, it’s usually noonish on Friday. We make Emlenton before noon Sunday without pushing hard. Some interesting campsites along the way.