uv damage on kevlar

How damaging is the direct sun on my kevlar boat (no gelcoat)?

how long in the sun?
went out for a paddle in my friends comp cruiser. His boat was stored out side for the last 8-10 years. I slipped in a portage and knocked a hole in the rear. It was a gentle fall but the resin was so degradated…

Just wondering
We all know that resin degrades with excess exposure to sunlight but the gelcoat protects the resin and kevlar ,no problem. But what about inside the cockpit? No protection there.

When I stop for a break I always throw my PFD and spray skirt into the cockpit to protect the insides and if I’m stopped for a longer time I put the cockpit cover on. Am I being anal or what?

If the inside has no UV reflective coating how would you protect an open canoe?

Just what I need,something else to worry about.

Paddle on


Unless you store you boat upright…
…and in the sun, the cockpit probably won’t get enough exposure to cause a problem. It can’t hurt to cover as you’ve been doing, but it’s probably not necessary.