UV Protection on Ultra Carbon Clear Coat

Would a good dose of 303 help keep UV rays from destroying my Epic Carbon? or should I use a good marine wax on the clear coat? I’ll use the 303 on the lines, n’ covers, but need something for the clear coat.

I’m heading to Arizona in a few weeks and will have my boat on top of the rack for a full week exposed to the sun as I explore 5 different lakes in Northern Arizona.

I’ve got a reflective sleeve that came with my boat, but don’t want to draw attention to thieves who might wonder what’s in there, ya know what I mean jelly bean.

Thanks everybody

“No Real” protection available
but to cover your boat when your are not paddling.

I used to use 303 weekly while paddling from 5 to 6 times a week, and to me does nothing or not good enough to to spend the money.

Currently, I only use startbright once in a while.


Thanks Iceman
Appreciate that information. I will head for the marine store in a few days and purchase the Star Brite Marine Polish w/teflon.

I just don’t want to weaken my deck with UV rays, like I have my face n’ skin, ha!

Happy days

Keep that black out of direct sun
don’t crank it down too tight and crack the straps loose when you stop … even if only to grab a drink.

If the boat is white don’t worry too much unless your rack is under the cockpit area where the sun can warm it.

drawing attention
the bare boat is going to draw a lot more attention. I’d put the sleeve on it and use a lock.

Stretch pants
The best thing you can do is get some old ladies stretch pant material & make a boat bag. My 1/2 carbon/kv deck looks a lot worse than the hull & I bag unless expecting big T-storms.

Another thing to add to confusion…
A baggy bag will slowly work the sheen off the boat as it billows down the freeway … best to put something on it to keep it tight against the boat. Hopefully the bag is breathable, dry and something other than black in color