UV protection

No, not for your boat, but for your bod.

I have never been a good tanner, have fair skin and greyish blue eyes, and have always had to wear sunglasses. Several years ago I started using UV protective clothing (long sleeves) and large billed hats (T-word).

What are you wearing - or not wearing? Do you still slather on the sun block, or haveyou gone fabric?


55, and curious.

UV protection
> What are you wearing - or not wearing? Do

you still slather on the sun block,

or have you gone fabric?

Some people say that there’s a positive correlation between age and wisdom. Even though there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, consider that there might be something to it when you look around.

Me? I’m the old guy in the brimmed hat, long sleeves, collar turned up, long pants, real shoes, glacier cream on nose.

Hint: I didn’t start out this smart.

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Coppertone Sport
SPF 30

I find the Coppertone Sport sunscreen to actually be waterproof and sweatproof, as advertised.

Re: Sun protection
I am so old all my hair fell out, but once upon a time my solar panel had red hair growing on it. Blue eyes. I burn very easily. It is HOT down here in South Florida, and I have found that sunscreen is the best solution. Long sleeves, turned up collars and all that are fine, if you don’t collapse from heat exhaustion. There are always trade-offs. A hat is good if it is well ventilated, but I find that a well ventilated hat still allows the sun to burn my bare pate. So I use a type of sunscreen on the top of my head that is made for faces that is less irritating to the eyes if the stuff migrates down as I sweat.

Another thing I have found is that there is very little difference in protection, almost undetectable, for Sunscreen with a rating of 15 versus one rated at 30. The face stuff is rated for 23. They are all good as long as they are waterproof. Some brands are easier on my skin. Some leave a sticky film, some do not.

FWIW, the one I like best is made by Clinique, has no scent, and leaves no stickiness. The rating is 30. The face one is by Banana Boat. It is the sticky kind, but eye irritation is a real problem for me if I use conventional sunscreen above my eyes or on my face.



Aloe Gator!!!
My watersports dealer stocks a product called Aloe Gator. Their windsurfing customers especially like it doesn’t easily wash off. It has a gel texture and is not at all greasy. It is the best thing that I have found for the Texas sun. I did not have a single sunburn last Summer.


of sunscreen and protective clothing as circumstances require. I have had several suspicious - active moles removed. I still think that the best advise in life is to do all things in moderation. A little sun is good for us. We make our own vitamin D that way. Cooking ones head is not a good idea and my (T-word) works better for sun protection on the water than anything I’ve tried.


This haole likes Bannana Boat’s
50 stuff the best… soaks in pretty well and protects great… have heard OceanPotion is better… going to try it this year.

Still trying to find the ultimate hat.

full Halloween mask.
nose, cheeks under the eyes, and lips get the baby butt creme treatment, (Penaten zinc oxide) slabbed on thick. Yeah…it scares a few kids but what the heck. Hat is one of those Safari type nylon deals with section of cloth that covers the neck as well as the ears. Eyewear= either Serengetis or Carl Zeiss optical anti-uv glass, not plastic.

Supplex shirt and hat

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titanium dioxide based sunscreen, and rubber hood and drysuit int he winter.

To get the sunscreen off my palms I use pure touch alcohol based hand cleaning gel.

Bonding Base
I get the SPF45 DRY from REI. I keep a small bottle of the SPF45 WET and the SPF45 DRY in the deckbag. I don’t like the smell or the slick residue left by the WET but it works for me. Whatever brand you buy insist on a bonding base product. The other wax or oil base products are old news.

Hat and full coverage clothes…
Odd as it sounds…black cotton tights on the legs, when wet, can help keep the Texas heat at bay. Long sleeve quick dry top from the local dive shop. Wet clothes…wet bandana on the neck, and often avoiding midday.

Visit the dermatologist twice a year!

No cancer yet…but I know I’m a prime candidate.

“Dyslpastic nevi syndrome” I think is what I’m told I have…

the zinc oxide stuff provides the UV block while i’ve read that the only screen (absorbs the rays) that has been proven totally effective is Parsol 1789. (whatever that is- trade brand name i think). more expensive products such as Ombrelle have this in it as well as others but many do not.

i’m not especially fair, but i wear 45 and 60 as a precaution, especially for the face. i’m vain and expect to look this good for many years… ;]

i also wear SPF woven shirt in the heat for comfort and sunblocking, and a nylon safari type hat on the water.

i’m waiting for one of the many Phd types out there to wade into this one and set us right with the straight goods…

Sunscreen Called “Bullfrog”