UV spray

Does anyone kn0ow of a UV protecting spray / liquid to put on roto molded kayaks? Tried F21 but it flakes off after about 2 weeks.


303 Aerospace protectant
Have you tried 303 Aerospace protectant? That is what gets recommended around these parts…

Where can i find it, I have tried Auto parts stores.

check here
not sure where you are; I am writing from Canada…


Try any
outfitter/canoe/kayak shop.

303 Aerospace.

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Please search it on Pnet for a plethora of interesting past threads about this unique and mysterious protectant.

I, an owner of 7 plastic yaks who stores them inside, use 303, but am unconvinced that it makes any difference at all. But do check the multitude of past Pnet threads. Just search under "303". G'luck.

PS 303 is $65 per gallon!

It is expensive,but a little goes a long

You can get a spray bottle of 303 at most marine supply stores (Boaters World, West Marine etc.) A spray bottle will cost somewhere around $12 and last for a lot of applications. Easy to apply and seems to work well.

Thanks to all, I found some here in town!