V SAIL for kayaks..info

HI all

I am looking to build or get a V SAIL for my kayaks.

something i want to try to have fun and mabe get back frome fishing outhings.

any off you use some.?

or have some home made pict off some do get myself some ideals.

thanks to all.


Pacific Action sails

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Photo's of mine


Their website...


A discussion of a Duckhead trip we made recently to Assateague Island and sailed...and took lots of photo's...



hi Andy_Szymczak

this is exacly what i want.

those are great picts you got there nice trip to.

thanks for sharing those.

now i am debating to build one or buy one…off those sail mmmm .

not hard to build…but its time consuming…and that time i want to padlit it…not sewing it.hahaha

thanks again


You’re welcome

DIY link
Here is a link to build your own, it looks like it was styled after the PA sail.


there is some great kayak sail info
at www.topkayaker.net, some of these guys are obsessed with kayak sailing

Is “REACHING” possible?

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I have seen info that says that the PACIFICACTION sails can be used for reaching (broad if nothing else), what's the validity of this?


In this pic the sail is obviously canted to the side (as if on beam), yet the mounting you show doesn't seem to be able to turn that way? What gives?

Love to know more, thanks.


Reaching Possible?
Yes, the sail can be canted to either side. The base of the sail is a two piece rounded assemble that rolls and twists as you cant the sail…


I have a neoprene pad under the base to protect the gel coat.

I’ve sailed perpindicular to the wind fine, but have not yet canted the sail enough to do a reach. It’s called fear of dumping. I’ll get my courage up one of these days.

Bottom line is fun, I’ve enjoyed the sail for the sheer speed I’ve reached and the adrenalin rush is a high.


No problem for me…

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(fixed the link)

As you can see, I've dealt with much bigger sails on my yak. ;)

I do like the ease and simplicity of the the PACIFIC sail, especialy in keeping my paddle area clear (for paddle sailing), which my current sail does NOT do well.

I guess the big question would be what size to go with?


I’m getting one of these soon …

The Adventure Mark II … not a V but it looks like a very smart, easier to use and easier to stow design.

Besides, I always wanted to be a bubble boy …

bad link
webshots for some reason doesn’t link properly to the “full size” photo.

As far as doing a reach, I’m still on the learning curve. Just need the right conditions to try. Assateague would have been great to try it, but I had another agenda with the sail then.


What size PA sail do you use?
Andy what size PA sail are you using?

I fixed the link BTW.

I’m used to a much bigger sail (45sq feet), and a leeboard. I’ll be mounting on a PAMLICO 145T, what’s the biggest size you could reccommend without interfereing with my paddle stroke?

Much appreciated.


Sail Size
1.5 Sq. Meters or 16 sq. ft.

But my boat is 18’3" long X 21.5" it’s not a Pamlico.

I don’t use a leeboard or sponsons.


another vendor
of sails for kayaks and canoes


why are these things so expensive?
is it the mount? seems like pretty exorbitant pricing to me. I woudl love to have something like this just to play with but I sure as hell aren’t going to spend a couple of hundred bucks for one. Maybe I should just get a golf umbrella or something.

anyone know how to make one for 25 bucks?


Make one
Yes, see my post above or search for the “heaps of fun” sail