V10Sport vs Tempest Acceleration

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I've been doing a lot of paddling in my new V10Sport and am really starting to enjoy it much more. A week ago I took the old Tempest out due to confused water and I was surprised at how much work it took to get the Tempest up to speed, compared to the surfski. The V10Sport literally is up to speed with the first paddle stroke but my beloved Tempest now seems like tug boat by comparison taking about 4 to 5 strokes to get it up to speed. Is this due mostly to weight? The Tempest is pretty heavy; the surfski is about half the weight. Or is it hull shape or a combination of both. Its a weird question but I was astounded at the difference now that I'm used to surfski paddling.

weight and drag contribute
weight dominates for the first few strokes then form drag as your speed climbs. Assuming your Tempest hull is smooth. The v10 sport can probably just crack 10 mph on smooth water with a strong paddler Most people can get to 9. I doubt the tempest can get much past 5.

That makes sense. Hull shape is a factor after you’re up to speed. I was just wondering if a lightweight composite kayak suffered from the same problem as the Tempest. The V10Sport is my first composite boat.


Light = more responsive

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Light kayaks are always more responsive, including quicker acceleration.

lighter boats will take a shorter time to reach the same speed vs. heavier boats.

It will take about the same amount of strokes to reach "top speed" IMO in the Tempest and in the V10 Sport, because the top speed on the V10 Sport is probably 40% higher, so you need longer to reach it!

I have an old Kevlar Dagger Mgellan that is around 40lb and it is very quick to get up to speed. But it's top speed it slow... My V10 is probably 2x faster but almost the same weight and for the first few strokes they feel similar. After that the V10 just takes off and leaves the dagger behind.

See this: takes him like 15 strokes to reach top speed in a kayak that weighs next to nothing. And I don't think he's moving fast at all in the first couple of strokes...


As said above, at speeds over about 4.5 mph you are mainly fighting drag, your acceleration will slow due to it more vs. weight. And 4.5 mph are awfully quick to reach in just about any kayak that can reach them...

Welcome To The World Of Surfskis
Congratulations! Now you know what surfski paddlers have been talking about for years. We share your enthusiasm, and some of us have given up trying to get other paddlers to try. Unfortunately, the kids are impacted and only a few will get the chance to experience what you have.

It’s the distance per stroke thing, which you can experience right a way, by taking light easy quick shallow strokes in the beginning to feel the “glide” in flat water. You can use a short (212 cm) regular flat blade river kayak paddle to do this, for you don’t need a wing paddle at all. You’ll get up to speed real fast and with less effort too. Do this with both boats.

Going up wind, the lighter boat of the same design has the advantage, but going down wind, there’s no advantage. Why? It simply takes more resistance to slow or stop the heavier boat.

I think it is 90% hull shape
My V7 is as heavy as a lot of plastic boats, but it gets going faster and glides farther. That said, it is not the all around do everything boat. But it’s a great day boat.