V8 vs CD Freedom

Any thoughts on which might make a more fun paddle, the Current Designs Freedom or Epic’s V8 in the Ultra layup?

IMHO…the V8
There will not be an appreciable speed difference between the two, but the surfski design will make it a much less limiting design, thus more capacity for fun. You can paddle it on the flat, but if/when conditions do kick up, it’ll be in its element, where the Freedom will be somewhat of a liability. Fitness boat-decidedly less versatile.

One caveat-the Epic Ultra layup is very fragile-dents and dings easily; you’d need to be careful with it. Crazy light, though. As long as you fit in the cockpit and don’t have any aversions to surfski design, lack of decking, it’s no contest, in my eyes. The Freedom is a good, quick boat, but lower on the fun factor. The V8’s a hoot.

fun damage
I know a fellow who used his ultra lay up Epic for training and it is totally trashed with dings and soft spots. Light weight costs money.

the v8
If you paddle anywhere that gets wind and wind waves the v8 is going to be way more fun. For pure flatwater workouts it’s probably a toss up. Unless, you are sold on the v8 try the v10 sport as well. More speed but still reasonably stable.