VA-NC-SC spring '06 trip

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Several friends and I are speculating about where we would like to go for a week long trip in spring 2006. For several years we have used Janes Island SP in MD as a basecamp for kayaking in the Chesapeake Bay, Pocomoke River and at Assateague. Not that we have exhausted all of our options, but we may head further south next year.

I have many possibilities in mind including VA east shore, Back Bay NWR, Knotts Is, Wrightsville Beach NC area, Cape Lookout area, Hammocks Beach area, Carolina Beach area etc. Maybe even as far south as Charleston SC (I have the Carolina Coastal map).

For those of you familiar with Janes Island, you know how spoiled we are in terms of having a first-rate campground, seafood restaurants, multiple paddling locations and a non-touristy environment. Are there any similar state parks in VA or the Carolinas? I am familiar with First Landing (OK, I guess), but what about Carolina Beach SP? Cape Lookout NS? The one campground in KittyHawk is a dive, and my only other experience is at Oregon Inlet - not exactly Janes Island quality.

Almost forgot - we would be car camping with day trips being the choice of diversion. That rules out semi-wilderness camping at locations such as Hammocks Beach.

So now is your chance to be an advocate for your state's tourism department. Any info is appreciated!


PS: I have the NC and Carolinas guidebooks already.

Want some more company?

I can see you fitting right in with my merry batch of friends.

Prerequsites: Must like campfires, be willing to compromise, and have a sense of humor.

None of the paddling venues we frequent have any more challenging conditions than Kinzou did. Of course, when we were in the Chesapeake Bay, if there would be a capsize you just stand up and walk to shore!


I’m in.
I laugh at myself a lot. I usually compromise between going for a night paddle and going to bed by going to sit by the campfire (with a glass in hand). You didn’t mention an appreciation for single barrel or single malt.

So I guess I qualify.


My friends
are wine drinkers. Rob (Dee’s hubby) will consume anything with a proof - the man seems to be unaffected by alcohol - and has helped me with my Blanton’s.

I saw String’s post regarding Jocassee over April 7-8-9 2006 and got to thinking about making it a SC trip. Jocassee, Sparkleberry Swamp, Edisto Beach, Bull Is, Cape Romaine etc. And I have yet to visit the Yorktown, except via kayak (back before Homeland Security decided that every small boat contained a bomb).

At this moment, just daydreaming. I’ll be talking with my friends over teh Xmas holiday.


I’m game
for any itinerary. I’m following the other thread as well.


Sounds Interesting
You might take a look at Croatan National Forest. It has several camp areas and is located in a great place to paddle several differant areas.


Sounds like you …
like that Janes Island campground so much you might not get any replies.

I was going to suggest Carolina Beach SP, but it might not compare.

There are many opportunities for day trips from there and esturaries to explore from the south at Fort Fisher to Wrightsville at the north and Wilmington which has a bunch of trails out of the Cape Fear River.

You could spend a month there and paddle a different place each day.

If you do go there, take off from the park the first day into Snow’s Cut and head inland and then grap some of those esturarie canals right there.



Mike & Jack
Merchants Millpond is one location that I looked at in the P2P section - sounded interesting even before your comments.

Yeah Jack, JISP is a great basecamp. Unfortunately, a high-speed auto ferry will be going into operation in the forseeable future, and developers have descended upon the lower DelMarVa peninsula. Crisfield stands to lose it’s “backroads” flavor, with condos popping up left and right.

I’m weighing the possibilities for either the NC coast or SC near Charleston. Both areas have great destinations, both for boating and for seafood & touristy stuff. Seatec warned me about insects getting active in mid-April (immediately after the planned Jocassee rendesvous). So little time, so many destinations!