VA New River Water level next week

This is the first time we will be canoeing the New river from Big Falls to Eggelston this time of the year. What are the the water levels we should expect the weekend of Sept 12-14th? Any fishing reports would be helpful.



As close as I can get you,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

River forecast for the New River at Radford is that there will be no flooding. Looks like they’re estimating 1.4’ at Radford. I don’t know what that looks like, but it sounds awful low. Based on this estimate, I’d expect a fairly bony river.

Thanks Big D
The link was valuable. Now if they would just report water clarity and frequency of fish biting per 100 yards.

Last year I did well on the day trip from Eggleston to Pembroke but this will be the first time for Whithorn to big Falls. Looks like rain this year may cloud the river.


Fast moving grubs in the bumpy water
That’ll get some fish to the boat. Hard to say how many or how big. The New is one of the rivers that makes me glad to live in this world. A wonderful place. It’s a river with a particular mood and seemingly even intelligence. Some days it is generous, and other days ornery. And some days it’s just silly. Whatever the river’s mood, I hope it puts a smile on your face while you’re there.

Good luck.

Thanks for the fishin tips
Last year I did real well with a white bucktail spinner. Even caught a muskie( sometimes the river is generous)

I have a bunch of grubs with different weighted jig heads. I will hit that "bumpy " water.



Back from the trip
Water levels were 2.0 to 2.6. Sunday the level was at its lowest and paddling was difficult. The strong wind from the north did not help either. Water was clear even through there had been rains for the previous 6 days. Fishing was ok. I did catch 2 good size smallies on a Rebel Wee Crawl at the same time.

We covered Whithorn down to Pembroke over the weekend.


Thanks for the report
A fickle river.