Vacation in Aug with Non paddlers in AZ

I really need your help on this one. I’m hooked into a week long vacation in AZ in August with 4 non-paddlers. Flagstaff area. Can anyone clue me in on likely river conditions, a good day trip outfitter or maybe a swiftwater rescue training class that I could sneak off to the second week in August? Thanks, Suntan

It will be 112 degrees out although
not quite that hot in Flagstaff. The summer monsoons will not yet have started. So likely no water anywhere except in the Colorado. Certainly no water in the immediate Flagstaff area. You might catch a rainstorm but my guess is that the river situation could be grim in Aug. The lower Salt will have water due to irrigation demands but that would be 2-3 hours away.

On second thought, depending
on your skill level, check out the newly restored Fossil Creek run. Spring fed year round.

Thanks a lot for the info.