Vacation Planning 2007

Any suggestions for a taking a vacation with “everything” in the price (Food.camping,Kayak etc).

Looking for somewhere with a group if possible.

Area of interest would be western states…Utah, California, Arizona, New Mexico preferably but will to go elsewhere if every thing was included.


Kayak Connections, Santa Cruz
Kayak Connections in Santa Cruz has “surf camps” about a week long, all inclusive, in Baja, Santa Cruz, and Hawaii. See

Premium Experience
If you want to expand your paddling resume, a week at Otter Bar Kayaking School is just the ticket. Located on the banks of the California Salmon river deep in the Klamath National Forest, OBL offers a superb package. Located in a beautiful and remote setting, the accommodations are wonderful, the food fantastic and the instruction world calabur.

I have attended the program for two sessions and have already signed on again for next summer. I brought virtually no river skills to my first class last year…just a desire to learn how to safely navigate a white water river. These folks have perfect programs for introducing first timers to the WW experience…as well as advancing the skills of those with previous river experience.

Check them out at

white water or flat water?

"Will go elsewhere"
If you want the trip of a lifetime, contact Alaska Discovery.

I am pretty sure they were advertising here on P-net.

They offer a variety of different type trips up in Alsaka, and everything is included.



Might check out
Wilderness Inquiry.

They have several kayaking adventures they annually do out west including Lake Powel, Yellowstone Lake, and San Juan’s, Vancouver Island, and Channel Islands. I enjoyed the experience I had with them some years back canoeing on the Green River in Utah.