Vagabond footbrace

I just received a footbrace for my Wenonah Vagabond.

It is the new style, black aluminum, with 4 pop-rivets.

I’m a little disappointed that Wenonah couldn’t provide at the minimum, a one page information sheet for installation.

When I ordered it, the Wenonah rep (Nick) was helpful, and apologetic that there was no information sheet, and provided me with some guidance.

I frequently use a kayak paddle (230). I have a Tempest 165, and really use the pegs when paddling.

The Vagabond brace setup doesn’t look that strong with the pop-rivets.

Just wondering what experience others may have had with the footbrace, and if you have any suggestions.



Should work fine
I have a Wenonah footbrace in my Vagabond. Fasteners under a shearing load can really carry a lot relative to their size, and there’s no need to worry about the rivets failing. The other hardware would probably fail before the rivets do. I agree that the whole set-up looks pretty flimsy, but it turns out that in actual use it’s strong enough. I’m sure the pop rivets will work fine, but that said, I didn’t even use them. I used stainless steel bolts instead, so I could control how tight I was clamping down the mounts. I used over-size washers to minimize compression of the Royalex hull, and then tightened the bolts to the point that the hull material was just a little bit “squashed”. The footbrace won’t budge, and I’ve leaned on it pretty hard.

Installed two
foot braces from Wenonah on two differnt boats. I agree that the lack of instructions is disconcerting. I actually called th e factory for instructions! Taht being said the braces have held up to miles and miles with no leaks and no problem from the installation. I have the older ones. Make sure the little wing nuts are tight , or you take them off and stow them before driving down the interstate. I lost one bar on I 40 at 70 miles. I understand the new ones have allieviated that problem!



Loose wingnuts
My footbrace has the wingnuts, and my first thought was that they might get loose and come off on the highway. I coated the threads with non-hardening gasket cement, so even if already loose, the nuts can’t get looser and fall off on their own.

Vagabond footbrace
I sent a copy of my message to Wenonah.

This is their response.

No offer of an info page. Sort of like talking to a tree!!

Maybe I sound a bit cranky, some have said there’s a right way, a wrong way, and the Frank way.

I guess I think the Frank way is the real right way!!

No need for a response. I appreciate those that have already been posted.


Thank you for contacting us with your questions and concerns. I


for the failure of receiving an installation instruction sheet.

Normally a

sheet is included. As for the strength of the foot brace, we have yet


hear any complaints on pop riveting the brace in. Please feel free to

contact us with any other questions or concerns.

Happy Paddling,


Wenonah customer service
Wenonah in general, and Allison in particular, have always been very helpful when I have contacted them. Sorry your experience wasn’t as good as mine have been.

Ditto, ditto…
…mine came with the brace installed, and it works fine. Plenty strong, no leaks.