Vagabond-kayak pegs

I have been thinking of installing kayaks pegs on a track in my Wenonah Vagabond.

For the present, I have decided not to install the floor mounted Wenonah foot brace, since I think it inhibits kneeling.

Installation of the pegs/track would require driling two 1/4" holes for machine screws on each side.

I am told that the floor is thicker than the sides, to prevent “oilcanning”.

I haven’t asked the people at Wenonah because I’m sure they wouldn’t give me the go ahead to drill holes in my boat.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this idea.

I have some concerns about the holes becoming elongated because of a lack of strenght in the Royalex.

Thanks for any tips!


How often do you kneel?
Frank, if you kneel so often that the floor mounted foot braces would be in the way then do you really need them. The solution might be to find some comfortable knee pads for those times that you might need to kneel on the floor mounted hardware. I wear knee pads most of the time, canoe or kayak… but I’m “old” and have tender knees.

Another solution might be to design some kind of frame that would go behind the seat (no drilling needed) and up along the sides with a brace to keep the foot pegs up at a comfortable hight. For that matter you could use bungi cord with loops for your feet. Make it a bit short and get a good workout while you paddle.

Whatever you come up with, good luck and good paddling.


floor mounted foot brace?
Are you thinking of the footbrace or the floor mounted pedestal for the tractor seat? The only Wenonah footbrace that I am familiar with attaches to the sides of the boat with four pop rivets (two on each side). It’s in the accessory section on their website

A good canoe shop will stock that style, although not necessarily under the Wenonah name.

Frank, I have Yakima foot pegs
in my Mowhawk Odyssey 14 and love 'em. I found a Voyageur backband that holds me in place and the two items together give more connection to the boat if you’re sitting. We drilled holes, no problem.

I ordered my Vagabond…
…with brace installed, 1st brace I’ve used, & like it well. It’s adjustable & sturdy. I can’t kneel anyway, since my feet won’t fit under the standard seat, but can’t see where the brace would interfere.