Vagabond motor mount

I must say that I am somewhat disappointed that I recieved only one response to my question regarding a trolling motor mount on my Vagabond solo canoe.


I picked up the Minn-Kota ( 30 lb-30") at Wally’s along with a troller battery today, and am building my own mount.

I am using some 1"X4" PT for the prototype along with a piece of 2"X 8" PT that I had lying around the shop. This will be the mounting pad.

After I get the prototype the way I want it, I will make a final mount using ash.

If all goes well. I may post a few pics.

I would love to see the pic’s…good
luck with it…

Sorry you’re disappointed. But consider that the interest in boats for most people on this board is strongly connected to the challenge and satisfaction of powering these boats with their bodies. A motor breaks that link.

Looking forward to your pictures!

Post over in the fishing forum
You might get better response. A number of folks there use trolling motors.

I’ve tried a trolling motor with one of my canoes before. Just didn’t seem to be worth it. Hard to get everything ok weightwise, and that was a 17’ canoe with 2 people. I’ve got a Vagabond myself, and I think you’ll have an interesting time with the distribution. YMMV.