Valdez Alaska Report

Allen Salsano is the guy I was kayak fishing with in Alaska just three days earlier. Still waiting for his pictures to add to my portfolio (Since he has all the ones of me…Darn it.) before I post a link here.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t fish for these, but wish I had. Instead I targetted Halibut, Coho Salmon and Lingcod from my kayak.


A link to some of the pics from the

That is me lying on the beach next to the two Lingcod and halibut, and me with the Gaffed Lingcod in the yak.

The guy who was holding the most species, is Allen (Polepole from KFS), who I was fishing with. The pictures of him with the Pink Salmon, Lingcod, Halibut, Dollyvarden and Coho on the river are all taken by me…

Still waiting for all the pictures he took of me to get here, so I can complete my own site of the trip. Dang Real Life.


Nice fish. Scenary is pretty nifty too.
I would love to fish waters where I could see my feet when I wade out. Were the kayaks OK brand? KFS, I assume that’s kayakfishingstuff?

Yes, they were Prowler 13’s…
and yes it is KFS…

BTW: The whole trip was CHEAP… Less than $2500.00 for TWO weeks… Next years will be cheaper…



Might as well be 25,000. Not in my
budget. Can’t even raise the money right now to buy a canoe I want. Oh well, it’ll probably be there next year. Canoes don’t sell well in Houston and its at a kayak shop. Maybe then.

That is a good deal on that kind of trip.

When you can bring back over 100 lbs of
Fresh Salmon and Halibut, that cost is MUCH cheaper!


If halibut are like Southern Flounder
in texture, I wouldn’t care for it. Salmon is a different story.

Nope, closer to Grouper…
Not as mushy as flounder, and no bones when filleted.

When I am planning to be there next year, you can catch 3 species of salmon…Red, Pink and Coho… With Chum and Kings being around, but not running, thus incidental catches.


So, you share my opinion of Flounder,
mushy. Like my fish to have texture, at least while I can still chew. I suspect the colder waters help halibut maintain a firmer texture.

Which type of salmon has the best taste?

The colder water does help…
Which is why I like Flounder caught in the winter better than those in the summer.

As for Salmon and best taste… That depends on the individual…

Kings are considered the tastiest by most.

Red are considered the next tastiest, but I find them too strong.

Coho are next, though many prefer them to reds.

Pinks and Chum are considered poor fare, best for smoking and canning…

I happen to like Pinks and Coho more than Reds… Haven’t had King yet… Or Chum. They are my next targetted species. Since I like to Smoke most of my salmon, it is irrelevent.

They ALL taste better than farmed Atlantic Salmon,and are better for you too!


I do love wild Atlantic Salmon, though
I’m not sure it can be sold anymore. I’ve never understood just why Atlantic farmed raised has to be pink. Yes, its the diet fed them, but all the Atlantic salmon I’ve had n the past was white.

Pink sells…
Pacific Salmon taste better that Atlantic Salmon, wild or farm raised…

Better for you too!