Valley Aquanaut RM HV too large for me?

I am a relatively new kayaker and have completed an afternoon basics course with the plan to certainly take more classes soon.

My wife and I are trying to take advantage of the end of season sales going on and have been demoing a number of kayaks. I am looking for something that will primarily be day touring but with enough flexibility to do some overnighting or some multiple day trip but primarily day touring should our interets continue to expand. We started out primarily looking at transitional boats but have been encouraged to look at higher performaning sea kayaks.

We have been working with a well known and respected paddling shop in the Portland area. I have demo-ed, the Perception Expression (we took the class in this boat), WS Tempest 170, Valley Aquanaut LV (well acually just sat in it or tried to sit in it as I was not able to fit my long legs into), the Valley Aquanaut HV, the Valley Etain and the P&H Delphin. I am looking primarily at skeg boats.

I am 6’0" with long legs (33" inseam")and weigh between 190-195 lbs. The best fits of the above boats are the WS Tempest 170 and the Valley Aquanaut HV with a bit of foam added for my nobby knees. Various members of their sales staff have indicated that I get a good fit in the Aquanaut. Of the boats I have demo-ed the Aquanaut feels like it hadles the best and is just a bit more precise than the Tempest.

My question is: am I too light for the Aquanaut keeping in mind my intended use?

this could help…
This chart from Kayak Academy may be of some use. As you probably know, the composite Aquanauts and rotomold Aquanauts are kinda different, size/load-capacity-wise:

Also note that Valley has discontinued all versions of the Aquanaut ('cept for the Aquanaut Club) as of August 31st, so you’re likely limited to ‘stock on hand’ and demo boats.

Should be great
I’m 5’10", 185-190 and have paddled my HV many miles under conditions ranging up to 30 kt. winds and 6’ waves with excellent results. Of course, I’m usually paddling it loaded with camping gear.

I am 6’ , 165 lbs. with size 11 shoes. I paddle a plastic rm-lv. It is a great boat. My only problem is the fact that my size 11’s feel cramped with the low deck.

HV vs. regular
The Etain, tempest and aquanaut are all good boats. Get the one that fits snug but comfortable and lets you maneuver best. I don’t like the super high deck of the HV models as I get better control with a snugger fit. For reference, I’m 6’7 with a 37" inseam.