Valley Aquanaut Specs

Anybody have any specs on the Aquanaut as far has depth and coaming height in front and behind the cockpit. Also volume and waterline length. Trying to compare it to an Explorer for size and dimensions but am not finding this info anywhere.

Thanks much

Tried to find those numbers…
but no luck. As I’ve said before, I hear that the boat is delayed due to problems with the mold. I doubt that this boat is going to be out this year. If anybody from VCP is listening, how about some info? A lot of people are interested in this kayak and getting frustrated by the lack of information. I’ve talked to 2 VCP dealers now and I get the impression that VCP is having major problems with this boat.—Rich

The Aquanaut has been available over a year now… Maybe your thinking of the Quaraq…the bigger Anas Acuta.

Rotomolded Plastic Version?
I have been following this, but not closely. I think the fiberglass version has been available, but they are still waiting on the rotomolded plastic version to come out.

Oh ya…
I’m only looking for glass specs

Sorry, I thought…
you were asking on the RM version. You can get the specs for the glass from any dealer if you can’t find them in print.----Rich

Aquanaut specs
coaming height forward: 11 5/8 in

coaming height aft: 7 5/8 in

height of seat: 1 in


150 lb load: 3.4 in

200 lb load: 4.3 in

250 lb load: 4.8 in

300 lb load: 5.4 in

volume: 12.94 cu ft

These from Sea Kayaker Oct2003 review of the boat.

Happy paddling!

exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

Just to add that I have had the aquanaut out in wind and waves and it performs very well, and the surfing is great.

Bigger Brit Boat
I have been keeping an eye on the plastic model as I have been thinking about a Brit boat, and want one that will handle at least 200#. I heard the Aquanaut is slightly bigger than the Advocet.

But I am in no hurry for a SINK. And will probabaly wait until I find something used…

Capella RM
is a good day boat for someone your size. Some of the folks around here use it as “rock boat.”


yep I’m looking to replace my Gulfstream with a narrower longer less cockpit volume kayak. I’m 5’11" 200 + or - pds…I’ve shrunk a bunch since I bought my Gulfstream and it is now too big and am looking for a better faster hull design for all around day kayaking and expedition ready handling, features and storage…And lower profile for a greenland paddle…


VCP Aquanaut

NDK Explorer

Kajak Sport Millenium

Foster Legend ? If I can find one to demo in the midwest.

CD Caribou

For what its worth I have the aquanaut and I am 6’ 210#. I just fit and it is very comfortable, even for three and four hour trips.

I’ll be vulgar enough to give you my

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quick takes:

Aquanaut: never paddled one
Explorer, not all that fast. Great for rough water though. Is that feature applicable for you? Most balanced in wind of any boat you've listed (in my opinion). Mine is well built but you've heard knocks no doubt. I'll be keeping mine for quite some time. (Like until it or my body is dust) A rolling machine!

Millenium. Fast enough for me. I like that boat, though for a 200 pound person the bow will tend to track a bit stiff in surf. Even when I caught a ripple I felt the front lock in. This makes for some good off angle surfing but if you broach it happens a bit fast. Perhaps I was not leaning enough to turn it well in mild surf; I was very, very, inexperienced. This thing turns like a dervish on flat water or swells with a good lean. Good build quality from the two I have seen. Rolls about as easy as the explorer and that is saying something. Nice cockpit with the nicest stock seat I've ever sat in, period. Liked the rear recessed and angled coaming too

Legend: perhaps a bit shy on initial stability but very comfy on a chine. fast, faster than the 'bou as far as I am concerned. Like the caribou turns best with an inside lean. Seaward builds a fantastic boat!!! Lincoln (who built the old ones), cannot touch them for strength to weight ratio or consistancy. I have very thick thighs and can barely fit into the legend but I can hack it. The legend will never be a boat for me to fish in. The foster shadow is more maneuverable than the legend is for me, but the high volume make it my choice only for camping (finally going this summer) or speed in mild conditions. (I own the explorer and a seaward shadow). The legend rolls well enough but is a touch harder than top tier rolling tourers. The legend's decks are quite flat so you do not get a lot of help.

Caribou. Lots of primary stability. (I believe more than any boat you've listed. Like the legend, it turns best on an inside lean. Tracks better than the legend and certaily turns OK (not like the milenium for me though, an entire clas down in nimbleness for me).

Why put a plastic bulkhead in a glass boat? (well, plastic is nicer if you get your calf launched through it on a nasty endo) Still, acceptable build quality. I did not like to paddle my 'bou on the ocean with over 260 pounds in it. Since me (gr???)in a dry suit with a radio and two quarts of water weighed 240, I sold mine. sometimes I regret it, then I paddle the shadow and put up with the slight excess volume. At that weight I felt the secondary stability of the caribou was not all that good but OK. Remember I have a terrible sense of balance, and with 270 to 280 pounds in the boat I was paddling her 70 to ninety pounds heavier than her current owner is. Possibly the hardest to roll of any of the boats you've listed but not unduly hard. Nice boat.

Any input is good…
Obviously for me to get out and test paddle these different models is going to be best. Hopefully next week at the Inland Sea Symposium in Bayfield I’ll get a chance to try most of them and see which fits best and feels the best.

It is good to hear others input and experiences with these or any other kayaks. Helps get a feel or idea of each models capabilities. From all the reviews and input and talk I’ve heard it definitely sounds like the Explorer is the most popular choice and design minus past experiences with QC. Hopefully that’s getting better. Sounds like it is. Saw a Explorer Elite at Canoecopia that was real sharp and the quality looked very good.

Any more input anyone has keep it coming. Fun to read…