Valley Avocet 2003

Looking to buy a Valley Avocet which looks great and is the right fit for me at 145lbs and 5’6" but seems pricey at $1800 for an older model (fiberglass). Anything besides the hatches (which have been replaced) that I should look out for? Thanks.

Make sure that the skeg operates smoothly…
Nice boat… Good luck.

Very good boats, but that strikes me a s being on the high side. Of course, most prices are out-of-whack right now. As I recall, the outfitting is fairly spartan, which may or may not be to your liking. I really enjoyed the Avocet I owned many years ago, but the seat never agreed with me, so test paddle it if at all possible. Also, the hatch covers are a little pricey to replace, so look them over really well. At that price, I would expect the boat to be in excellent condition.

If well cared for, fiberglass holds up well. Does the boat come with any extras e.g. skirt, paddle, cockpit cover etc.? That would make the price more acceptable. There seems to be a trend of used kayak prices increasing, but I have not seen any data to verify that. In January, I purchased a 2009 Valley 17.3 Etain with skirt and cockpit cover for $1600. The hatch covers are all good.

Prices are definitely high now due to pandemic shortages. Normally by now I’d have seen a bunch of great deals on used sea kayaks, but this year, not so much.

If they haven’t already been replaced, plan on new deck bungees and anything else stretchable. Maybe the the cords that keep the end handles in place, as well.