Valley Avocet LV

A friend recommended I try the Valley Avocet LV. There doesn’t seem to be much information on this kayak, does anyone own one or have any feedback? Most of the people I paddle with have Valley or NDK kayaks so I know about the brand, looking for a little more information about the Avocet LV itself.


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It's new this year, so there aren't many around. I sat in one a couple of weeks ago and found it snug but comfortable for my 5'9", 160lbs. I'm at the top of the weight range for it. I have an Avocet RM and the LV is certainly smaller -- it looks like a great boat for folks who find the "regular" Avocet to be too big.

Sat in one
Plan to actually spend some paddle time in one sometime in June or August depending on when I can connect with a trip from the local outfitter with one. But they are quite new and hard to find.

I liked the fit at 5’4", 135 lb, but it is a small person’s boat. Deck is quite low. That said, they trimmed the boat down enough so that I didn’t feel like I was wearing an extra and unneeded amount of boat around my hips, which is something I dislike about the regular Avocet. And thigh braces that are over my thighs even. I have tended to like how the Avocet feels on the water - it’s the fit that’s always be too awkward, so I expect to like the LV too.

Sweet LV
I had the pleasure of demo-ing the Avocet LV and it’s a very sweet boat. At 5’1" 112 lbs is does not feel too big (although I find the deck a little higher than I’d like). It moves very easily in the water, is quick, has excellent thigh braces, and rolls up well. I found it much more suitable for my size than the Eliza, which felt bigger and more cumbersome. I realize I am at the small end of small, and there are only a couple of commercial boats that fit me well: Impex Force 3 and Avocet LV.

Very nice kayak!

I guided a couple last year

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where the husband had a NDK Explorer and his wife RM VCP Avocet---the Avocet was too small for me but I was impressed with it. come to think of it, the couple I guided were from Detroit---

I think Riverside Kayak connection has a demo Avocet LV and from what I’ve heard, it’s a very nice boat. You may want to drop them a line; they’re in Wyandotte.

I paddled the LV and
currently own an RM. I loved the LV handling, but the thigh braces were in the wrong place (too close) for me. It’s definitely for shorter people. I’m 5’8" and 160lbs.


Avocet LV Demo
I called Riverside Kayak and they are having a demo weekend at Elizabeth Park in Trenton. They will have an Avocet LV at the demo plus about 80 other kayaks. I’ll let everyone know how the test paddle goes!

Next weekend South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous is taking place - some 1.5 hours away from Detroit.

Riverside is taking some kayaks over - probably they can be talked into an extended demo.

There is also extended discussion in the “Getting Together” forum.

Atlantic Kayak tours
Celia, I think you are from the NY area… Anyway, I sat in a yellow Avocet LV at the Annsville Creek launch/store, felt very nice, I think the Impex Force 3 has a lower back though. The dual oval hatches though are great. I was looking at the NDK Romany LV (which they didn’t have in stock) but they have dual round hatches front and rear which is a bummer for touring… (they have a Romany LV on order, but not arrived yet).


I paddled one at WMCKA 2008
great fun,

easy to edge and spin around seemed to have decent hull speed for a small boat. Highly recommend one for a smaller paddler, or for a medium size paddler wanting a smaller boat.


Valley Avocet

for some info on this bad boy.

Valley Avocet LV
I just tried out an Avocet LV this afternoon for the first time. I am a 165 pound, 5’9" male. I own a composite Avocet which I enjoy but have not customized the cockpit in any way. My experience today with the LV version was wonderful. It felt so much more responsive. It was faster, turned on a dime and was just flat out fun. This the first kayak cockpit that felt like a great fit to my body size. Every move I made translated into the desired response from the LV. I am not ready to dump my year old Avocet, but I do hope my kayak shop can pad-up my kayak to fit like the LV. It is definitely worth taking a test drive.