Valley Avocet RM cockpit coaming replacement

This may be a long shot, but I’m looking to replace the black plastic cockpit coaming on a 2004 Valley Avocet RM. The thigh braces are integrated into this piece of plastic. The one on my boat has a significant crack, so now the brace on the right side is not properly anchored to the boat. Yes, I can pull the piece off the boat and work up a repair using a variety of materials, but before going down that road I’d like to know if anyone has a replacement in good condition they’d be willing to sell (New England, USA).

Have you got an older plastic Avocet living under your house which has given up the ghost? It looks like a fairly easy part to remove from the cockpit, and I’m willing to pay a fair price.

If I come up empty with this request, I’ll return to the post and solicit advice about the best way to fix the broken part. Thanks for your help!