Valley Backband Mounting Rings?????


Quick question…not home right now so can’t look at my boats, but as I recall my two Valley boats both have a sort of ring through which the backband attaches. I think it is just a large D ring that is mounted to the seat.

I just got a NDK boat and it does not have these rings. I really like them though because it allowed me to easily mount my IR ratcheting backband (just slide the plastic ratchet straps into the rings and you are done).

Can anyone tell me what they use/where I can get these? I am going to look at Home Depot later today to see if I can find something like this. I am not sure how to mount my IR ratcheting backband in this boat otherwise.



Yacht supply
Home Depot might have something but I would try a yacht supply place where the sailing crowd buys their stuff. You’re more likely to get stainless and more corrosion proof products.

Be prepared to spend some time,they have tons of gizmos and fittings,some applicable to sea kayaking.Those guys are the ultimate gearheads.

I know the brackets you mean,I have them on my Pintail.

Good luck


I took mine off because the caused…
…the fg seat to crack. Repaired and reinforced the area and cut slits like the older style Valley fg seats had (@ least in my '96 Aleut). This spreads the force put against the backband (if there is any) much better and instead of concentrating it as the D-rings do in a couple of locations. The D-rings allow some rotation, but for me the benefits of that did not outweigh the cracking seat. The slot is a stronger, simpler more reliable design IMHO.

I went and checked and have those ‘d-rings’ with brackets and SS screws and washers still. If you want 'em, email me and we’ll figure something out. I don’t have any use for them. They came off a '05 Nordkapp.