Valley Boat to fit 210lber

I am 210 with a dry pair of short on, and 6’ tall. I fit comfortably in the Anas Acuta with bare feet and foot pegs adjusted all the way to the bottom. I love the lively performance and feel the boat is fast enough for me. I feel that I’m a bit oversized for the boat - there’s barely an inch of freeboard on the rear deck with just me (no gear) in the boat. Would the Pintail be more size-appropriate for me? What characteristics might I be trading if it does fit better?

Thanks - Barry

You’re too big for the Pintail.

If you want the lively Valley feel, try an Aquanaut. Or if you really just want a surf/play boat, you’d fit in the P&H Delphin.

Just adding on to Nate’s thought of lively boat, Delphin, but in composite. This of course depends on your propensity for rocks in surf.

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Valley Q-Boat

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Valley makes the Q-Boat, with is just a larger version of Anas Acuta.

The Aquanaut comes is different sizes, and has a reputation as a playful boat.

The Nordkapp would fit you. It's less playful, longer, and faster, and holds more gear. Quite a different boat than the Anas Acuta, but worth trying.

They have a new boat, the Etain, which I loved when I demoed it. Again, it's more of a touring boat and less of a playboat than the AA.

If you like the greenland style, try to demo a Boreal Designs Ellesmere.

If you want a playful responsive boat, another one to consider would be the P&H Scorpio, or Point 65 Whiskey 16.

Aquanaut or Nordkapp
I am 220 and 6’, and paddle an Aquanaut HV as my tour boat. Reasonably spacious.

Nordkapp is a tighter fit for me, but works.

Ditto the Aquanaut and Nordkapp
I’m taller (6’6") and heavier (220) and I can paddle a Nordkapp no problem. Great boat.

The Aquanaut is a little bigger ( I think).


Etain (NM)

listening to feedback
I may be wishing for the impossible. I want a beautiful, fine-lined, Greenland style boat that’s suitable for a bigger paddler. I have looked at the boats suggested, and thanks for the feedback. I am interested in the P&H but will struggle to find someplace to demo (maybe). Others tend to be too big for what I’m looking for. In my next life, I’m coming back as a small, Greenland paddler :slight_smile:

Build your own
Your choices:

Stitch and Glue - kit is strongly suggested, choices will be more limited since panels have to be cut precisely

Skin of Frame - the choice of Greenland Style Oriented paddlers, you are only limited by your imagination

Strip build - way more labor intensive than SOF, choices are very similar to SOF

A good place to start is

Are you specifically looking for hard chines?

Q-Boat, Nigel Foster Legend, North Shore Polar HV, NDK Greenlander, Point 65 Whiskey 16, I’m sure others will add to the list.

I would recommend trying out an Aquanaut, I paddle a Aquanaut HV and I love it.

I would check out the
Q-boat for sure. I think that it will be a good fit as I have seen folks your size in this boat several times and it is quite playful and traditional.


an Aquanaut and really like it. I’m 6-0, 207 +/- 5, with a bit thickish thighs, a 30" inseam, and I fit it and it fits me just fine. I’ve taken it camping, and it packs well and paddles nicely even when laden.

It has a lively feel, and is maneuverable with the skeg up; it almost turns itself with only some forward speed and a bit of a lean -and yet tracks well with the skeg deployed.

It isn’t a Nordkapp -that’s a much more ‘turny-twisty’ boat that I found I had to work at and pay attention to, whereas I find the A-Naut more confidence-inspiring, especially in textured water.

So you might want to try one if you can to see if this is the one you want in which to


-Frank in Miami

Greenland T ?

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Can't get much more "Greenland" than that -;)

I personally could not bend my knees backwards enough to even sit in the regular Greenland, but the T (touring) has a larger cockpit and more volume above water. Sorry, don't know how it paddles with those pointy ends and hard chines...

Not a Valley, though.

As for building, have you looked at Nick Schade's Petrel? This is one sweet boat and is designed as a day/play boat for a 200 pound-er. Since you are building it, you can modify the cockpit to fit you, but at 190lb and 6'4" I was able to paddle it and aside from the foot room it felt OK and snug. Rolls like magic and is quite maneuverable.

It aint Brit, but…
The Current Designs Isle may be your ticket if your looking for a greenland style composite for a big guy.

Tahe Greenlander
I haven’t tried it, but it looks like a beautiful boat!

Bessie Bay
Have you looked at Betsie Bay kayaks? Alan Anderson is a big guy and several of his kayaks are for the larger paddler.