Valley Brand Three Piece Kayak

Anyone own a Valley kayak two or three or four peice take apart boat? What is your impression of it, workmanship-wise? How is the weight… crazy heavy, or just plain heavy? On water performance or function (eg cockpit area) compromised by three piece design? Do you take it apart often, such as for vanning to vacations, or is the hassle factor too great?

Thank you for your opinion.

I hear good things!
Gotta be a bit heavier, but I hear they paddle well and connect well.

Give Geneva Kayak Center a buzz.
Ryan Rushton, the owner of GKC in Chicago, has a three-piece Valley Nordkapp…I’m sure he’d let you poke and prod it, as well as give you an honest assessment.

have a 3 piece Nordkapp…heavier, handles the same as a regular Nordkapp (one piece)with a little weight in it.

workmanship=excelent, afterall they are built for expedition paddling where there is very little room for equiptment failling.

I carry mine all together on top of the car on the rack, the inside of the car is needed for the gear and paddlers.

Best Wishes