Valley C-Rudder operation video or instructions?

Valley Rudder System deployment instruction manual or video. We recently obtained a 2012 North Shore Atlantic-II double. I believe this has a Valley C-Rudder system. We haven’t been able to find any instructions or videos for deploying/retracting the rudder. It should be pretty straight-forward - but one cord seems a long way behind the rear cockpit. Any links are appreciated.

Steve & Linda

Never mind - figured it out. There are 2 lines to the rudder. One has an in-line shock cord (an extension-spring of sorts). This line isn’t really easily reachable from the cockpit but can be set to constantly apply tension that is acting to deploy the rudder. The second line with a pull-ball and a cleat either retracts a deployed rudder or stops the constant-tension line from deploying the rudder.

Our CD tandem has two lines which are both reachable from the cockpit. One line deploys the rudder and the other retracts it. Neither line has an in-line shock cord.

Because our first rudder experience was on our CD double - we were using that frame-of-reference to figure how the North Shore double (with a Valley rudder) worked. Just two different approaches to accomplish the same thing.

Glad it worked out and now there’s a reference in case anyone else runs into the issue.