Valley Canoe Products Has New Owner


Very interesting…

note such model names as Aquanaut HV (formerly Argonaut), etc…

They say the Quajariaq is now called the Anas Acuta HV. Crazy stuff.
I guess that answers that question. I’m learning all kinds of new stuff today.

Valley Sea Kayaks
Wow, I wasn’t expecting a new Valley website. Not sure I like the name Anas Acuta HV since it is a longer and different kayak. Aquanaut HV is appropriate for the Argonaut though. I didn’t expect to open such a can of worms when I started this thread, but I’m glad I did because I learned a lot of new stuff from the Valley faithful.


What about the Skerray? It appears in the new Gro site but it is missing in the first ever Vcp website.

Many sections are yet to be completed
There are a few models missing. This may be part of what is meant by “Many sections are yet to be completed” which appears at the top of each page.

Valley not owned by Pyranha
Just to clarify Valley’s position. Valley is indeed under new management, it is now being run by myself, Peter Orton (former chief designer and MD at P&H sea kayaks) and Jason Buxton (former head of development at Pyranha kayaks). I guess it is our historic links with P&H and Pyranha that has created the confusion. However Valley remains an independent, privately owned company specialising in the production of sea kayaks

Can you give us any insight as to what the future holds for Valley? Is there a product line shakeup in the near future?

So - what is happening with the design side? Goodman still there, or is there a mix of new blood coming in? As I recall many of the trditional Valley folks are people who aren’t kids any more.

someone correct me if I’m wrong
but Frank Goodman hasn’t really been involved in a direct way with valley over the last 5-10 years?

My understanding is…
that Goodman has been involved in the design of all the Valley boats, including those models introduced over the past few years.

Is this correct?

I think the three catagories enumerated on the website make sense. I also think the simplifying of naming for related boats is probably a good idea (e.g. Aquanaut, Aquanaut RM, Aquanaut HV).

I respectivefully suggest that Valley consider producing LV versions of the Avocet and Aquanaut. Thusfar NDK has cornered the market for women who want a performance Brit boat.

message from manufacturer
Just got this this morning from Peter Orton. Should further help explain what is going on:

The website is still very much work in progress and yes the Aleut will be added very soon.

We are re-naming two kayaks because although this might create some short term confusion it makes the range more easily navigated by those not familiar with the current line up. To this end the Argonaut becomes the Aquanaut HV (high volume) because this is what it effectively is and the Qajariaq becomes the Anas Acuta HV because many people struggle to pronounce or spell the word Qajariaq and most then refer to it as the larger Anas anyway. When the new decals are done they will feature formally known as …to reduce confusion. We have trialed these changes on dealers in the UK and all believe it makes the range easier to understand, especially when introducing it to people for the first time. Very shortly all dealer will be sent updated details and descriptions for their websites.

As for the company name, to use an overused modern term we are re-branding, Valley Sea Kayaks is a much more descriptive and correct term for our sea kayak range. We will likely be keeping VCP but this becoming Valley Canoe (and kayak) Products and used on our range of spares and accessories i.e. Hatches, RDF’s etc.

Although Robin is still here he will be retiring in a couple of months. Myself and a guy called Jason Buxton have taken over the running of Valley. My background in in P&H Sea Kayaks where I was chief designer for 12+ years, designing the whole of their current range and MD from 2001-2003 when P&H was taken over by Pyranha and from 2003 until Jan this year I was brand manager for P&H within Pyranha. Jason spent 11 years working here at Valley before a spell as head of development at Pyranha, he also returned in January of this year. Our aim is simple to reassert Valley as the number one choice for the serious sea kayaker by injecting the passion we both have for the sea.

If you have any other questions or queries please contact me directly

Kind regards

Peter Orton

Sounds like the changes are to the best for everyone. Glad to hear this. Now about those non-keyhole cockpits…


Come to Canada!
The two sweetest boats I’ve seen are the P&H Vela and the VCP Skerray. Puhleeeze set someone up in the Atlantic Provinces?

(B.C. has enough kayak dealers, give us a crack…)

“The two sweetest boats I’ve seen…
…are the P&H Vela and the VCP Skerray.”

You are truly deprived. You really have to paddle a Nordkapp and/or Aquanaut!

this could get ugly…
We all have our favorite boats and no one boat is the “sweetest” for everyone. My personal favorites are the VCP Anas Acuta, VCP Pintail, Impex Outer Island, and the Betsie Bay Valkyrie (my boat).

enough to go around…
There are enough good boats for there to be an extraordinary array of sweetest boats.

Among the sweetest I’ve paddled is the Sirius…

You’re all wrong
The sweetest boat is the Luvvvvvvv Boat.

Valley Boats
I love my Valley Boats. I have a pro-lite Avocet and a glass Aquanaut. They are both great boats. I use my Avocet for fun days and my Aquanaut for long paddle days. If I had to choose one over the other, the Avocet would win…it’s just so much fun to paddle.

I think Valley’s move to be called Valley Sea Kayaks is a good one. When I was a newbie, I saw the name Valley Canoe, and said to myself, I don’t want a canoe, I want a kayak. I can also see that the renaming of their boats will help with the confusion to new paddlers trying to figure out boat choices.

Good job Valley, and thanks for posting here and clearing everything up for us.