Valley Canoe Products Has New Owner

I heard from my local kayak dealer that Valley has been sold to Pyranha Kayaks, a UK company specializing in whitewater kayaks. They are working on bringing more form fitting cockpits to future Valley boats like their whitewater boats. It was discussed on a previous thread that the new U.S. distributor is The Kayak Centre in Wickford, Rhode Island.


you sure you’re not confusing
P&H with valley?

Valley / P&H
My dealer said Valley and mentioned Frank Goodman, so I’m assuming he knows what he’s talking about. I went on Pyranha’s website and saw P&H kayaks so I was a little confused too. Could Valley be their newest purchase or am I just spreading misinformation? I apologize if it’s the latter.


You mean Valley and P&H
are sister companies now?

One owns the other?

hmm… Imagination just ran away with my mind.


better fitting cockpits
would be a plus for Valley boats. It is the main complaint I have with my Aquanaut.

An email to GRO Rhode Island might be in order.

Canadian Valley dealers?
I can’t find one…however, I should tell you, I’m an idiot with a computer :slight_smile:


Incorrect - Not Pyranha or P&H
Although we have some good friends at Valley - they are not associated with P&H or Pyranha.

oh, ok, Thanks for clearing that up!

New Directors
Jason has left Pyranha, Pete has left P&H, they now both own and run VCP.

Next a website?
Maybe the new owners will see the value of a website? Valley has not had one. I found I was always pieceing together information from GRO, Atlantic Kayak Tours, MIKCo, and Knoydart.

Is Goodman still associated?

By the way the Rockpool Kayaks look pretty interesting. Any Northeast US presence/dealers?

Any chance of getting a P&H or Pyranha glass or plastic surf specific kayak?

Called The Kayak Centre

– Last Updated: Apr-11-05 11:25 AM EST –

They said no change in ownership for Valley but they are the new U.S. distributor.

However, I think Aled has it right: "Jason has left Pyranha, Pete has left P&H, they now both own and run VCP."

lol I found that thread exciting
lol I was happy to hear at first that P&H and Valley were together, but now I am happy to hear that they are not !!!

lol, hmm…here we go again, I’m addicted to both of those companies - the worst thing is, I have never paddled a Valley boat :frowning:


Valley dealers in BC
I talked with Robin Goodliffe, director at VCP, last fall about British Columbia, but I’m not sure that Canada as a whole doesn’t have a VCP dealer. (exerpt from Goodliffe’s email: Sadly we no longer have a contact or dealer in BC. The exchange rate, shipping costs and the number of other Canadian manufacturers discourage anyone from taking boats in any numbers – and we havn’t tried especially hard to do anything about it because we are pretty busy with US and Europe.) I bought my VCP boat from Pacific Canoe Base in Victoria, B.C. a few years ago, but the owner has since died and he was the last one. Seems like there should be a VCP dealer in BC…

new directors
I know Robin Goodliffe has been the director for a number of years at VCP. I’ve emailed back and forth with him numerous times over the past several years. Do you know if he’s been replaced and doesn’t work there anymore or what?

Greetings from GRO
Just to clear up some of the confusion…Great River Outfitters (GRO) was sold and relocated a few months ago to RI. GRO will continue to be the exclusive US importer of sea kayaks and accessories by Valley Sea Kayaks of Nottingham, England. The GRO retail business will be operated by The Kayak Centre in Wickford, RI.

Valley Sea Kayaks is not associated with Pyranah or P&H.


Great River Outfitters

Hi Daryl
Thanks for the introduction. There was a thread a few weeks ago about the U.S. distributorship going over from Great River Outfitters to The Kayak Centre. I think the question is whether Valley Canoe Products is under new ownership or management?



GRO website
Just checked out the new site – VERY NICE!

It is attractive, intuitively organized and filled with good information.

Second the nice GRO website
You can even download the catalog. The Qajariaq has a lot more rocker than I thought. I think this is a good thing as it should retain that nice rough water performance of the Anas.

Which is it now? Valley Canoe Products or has the named changed to Valley Sea Kayaks along with all the other changes?