Valley Foam Bulkhead Sealant

Would Silicone/RTV work well for re-sealing the foam bulkheads on my Valley boats, or would something else work better? I am wondering about possible expansion/contraction and having it last.

Foam bulkhead?
When did Valley use foam for bulkhead material. I only know of the hard plastic, which was used for rotomolded models, and the glass/composite for the other models.

Lexel Caulk
Available at most hardware stores and Home Desperate stores.

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Seconding Lexel but…
I’ve never seen or heard of foam bulkheads in a Valley boat - either RM or composite. What model and year is this Valley boat?

DO NOT use silicone!
It bonds poorly and it leaves a residue that prevents other materials from bonding to the surface. Lexel, GOOP or one of the 3M products (4200/5200) are the best way to go.

Both of my catalog Rapiers…
…have foam bulkheads, I’m pretty sure…and the SN#'s end in 05.

Rapiers have foam bulkheads…
…3M 4200 fast cure is what I would use. 5200 can’t be undone…ever.


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That makes sense to save weight. Other than Rapiers, Valley sea kayaks do not have foam bulkheads.

West Marine Carrys
a tube style thickened epoxy adhesive called six10.

Used it on the minicell bulkhead in the rear of the america. So far it’s worked really well.

sealing foam bulkheads
Do not use silicone, Try Goop, or Dow 4200 or 5200 they stay flexible and are waterproof

3M 5200
not Dow


Re: Do not use silicon!
Okay, I agree with all said, BUT. In my first sea kayak, a Perception Avatar, which I still like and use a great deal, In ignorance, I used silicon to seal up a leaky foam rear bulkhead. I guess I am just stuck with that product now? Any ideas? Thanks, Ken…

Sure, remove it…
…clean the area with hexane or a commercial silicone remover, then use a better sealant.

Why would you use epoxy…
…on a foam bulkhead? Combining a rigid adhesive with a flexible bulkhead doesn’t make a lot of sense. Moreover, if you decide you need to move or replace the bulkhead, getting the epoxy off the hull is going to be a lot more work than removing a flexible sealant/adhesive.