Valley Foam Seat

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Any reason a Valley foam seat won't work for an 02 Boreal Ellesmere? Does the fiberglass seat provide any structural integrity?

The stock seat wore a hole through the bottom of the boat from the inside and working on two more under the cheeks.

The idea is to have something removable so I can better clean the inside of glass eating sand

I can think of no reason
it wouldn’t work. The first thing I do with my NDK kayaks is cut the seat out and replace them with a foam seat.

Foam Seats…
I’ve had two of these, ready carved, and they saved me a lot of hassle. If you tell Joe what boat it is for he may cut it to just pop right in. Love mine.

Valley foam seat
Bowler1 had one for sale $50 flat including shipping on Pnet accessories.

Valley Foam Seat?
Are we talking about the plastic seat with a foam pad or a foam foam seat?

on the new valley boats
no need to remove, they’ve come lightyears in seating comfort…sorry some of you have to cut out what you paid for :frowning:

I can’t say that for all the backbands I’ve dealth with though.

The Foam Seat
There is one for sale in the classified section.

I am removing a fiberglass seat.

My main concern is stress on the coming because the original seat is bolted to the left and right sides of the boat. Someone told me the sides of the boat supported the seat, not vice versa

Look hard at a
grey, Necky foam seat. Wonderful support, sits low in the hull, and about $60 or so.