Valley Gemini SP poly

Anyone have any more recent opinions, or advice to share on this kayak? Most things I find online are a little dated. I’ve been told it I had to own one kayak this would be a good one to have. I know it’s a great boat for playing in rough conditions and all that. I just can’t find much from people that have been paddling it. I like the size and though it’s a bit heavy for the length, swing it’s due to the 3 layers it’s made up of.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

to me, not SP
My girlfriend has one. I’ve paddled it some, but more commenting related to how I have seen her paddling change as she changed boats and from what others who have it say.

I find it to be a faster boat than you would think of from a 15’ boat. In her Alchemy and Chatham 16 (prior boats), I was always waiting for her when I was in my Alchemy. Once she switched boats, I found I had to paddle significantly harder to keep up with her.

Others have talked about how little rocker it has (when compared to something like the Delphin or Alchemy). Looking at it, I agree. Definitely not as maneuverable as an Alchemy.

Between these two observations, I wouldn’t have called it as much a sports play boat as more a sports tour.

Maybe there is variation from one boat to another, but the one I had was suprisingly light - like 45-ish pounds. That’s 5-10 pounds lighter than a Delphin. I found it to be a fun boat, maneuverable. Loose on a wave once surfing, but doesn’t take off and plane as easily as a delphin/aries.

I thought it was a good all-around boat if speed and long camping trips are not your top priority. Also great for folks who want a boat that’s shorter/lighter than typical touring boats.

Frankly, not the boat I’d hoped
I’ll echo some of Peter’s observations. I’ve paddled the SP once. It cruises easier than expected, which I attribute to it not being rockered as much as I’d thought it would be. It’s therefore less maneuverable than I’d hoped. I don’t find it all that different in playfulness from my Avocet, although I’d hoped Valley would have made it so. My opinion then is that it’s not markedly more playful than an Avocet, but somewhat slower and holds less gear. A friend who has paddled the SP several times voiced the same opinion. The SP paddles (for my taste) like I would have thought the Gemini ST would. They should have ratcheted up the SP a couple more notches.

playful must be passe

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as the only playful boat they still make is the AA and the special-order Nordkapp.