Valley Gemini?

What happened with these two new boats by Valley?

Heard a lot about them in the spring, and now, nothing.

Are they delayed or something?

Final prototype
I sat in and checked out the final prototype, which is stateside. Subjectively speaking, higher volume cockpit area shorter length vee hull med-soft chine sea kayak. Sorry, didn’t have time to put it on the water but by design I could make some guesses as to how it would perform. I’ll have an opportunity to paddle it next month. Remind me and I’ll write up observations.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

I’ve demo’d the black one
The black one is the more rockered version. It’s a super fun turny play boat. It’ll be a great boat for someone looking for a surf/rock garden boat who doesn’t want plastic. It gets up to a nice speed for a such a short boat with better acceleration and glide than a Delphin, and would be fun for a day tripper where the goal is playing and surfing.

I didn’t buy it as it was a little tight and too low volume for me (I’m 6’7",220lbs) but the fact that it fit me at all means it should be good for most normal sized people. I ended up buying a Sterling Reflection instead for the better fit and more volume.

from a skeptic…
…it looks like it fits a niche. Smaller-length but still skinny boat for day paddlers and rock gardeners. From what Marshall said, I only hope the cockpit isn’t too big.

I demo’d it a few weeks ago
The rep said the local dealer could order them from Valley if someone wanted to buy one.

re: Gemini
Sounds like they’re not quite here yet in the States, ‘final prototype’ aside.

Valley’s website also has not a thing on 'em.

Re: Gemini final prototype
So Marshall, did you get a chance to paddle one finally?

re: six months later
Am bumping topic 'cuz its six months on & perhaps more ppl have actually gotten to paddle these boats (the ST and the SP), i.e. there’s more info available.

Oh, and props to Valley for FINALLY updating their website. One of the Signs of the Apocalypse™, no doubt. =o