Valley hatch rims?

Does anyone make fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon hatch rims that mate with the Valley rubber hatches?

Just thinking WAY ahead to my first kit boat, and would like to incorporate these hatches.

Having the proper fitting rims would be key to using them.


I haven’t seen any
I haven’t seen any. I used KajakSport hatches and rims on my stripper, but didn’t see any rims other than the plastic one that are made for KajakSport. I think you could make rims out wood. If I used rubber hatches on a wooden boat again, I’ll make the rims from wood.

the hatches that come with impex
impex is using another kind of hatch cover on latest models. It may be an alternative. Don’t know the name at the moment.

GRO and Shearwater
Great River Outfitters and Shearwater sell Valley rims.

I bought Impes this spring
I bought an Impex, Assateague this spring, and it has the VCP hatches on it. I am sure they still use it on certain models.

Some models always did use a fiberglasss hatch cover, and some use the VCP.

They may sell you some if you are building a kit???

Never hurts to ask!

Probably not a good idea…

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The rubber hatches will work much more reliably with the matched rims. Looking at them, I suspect close tolerances are required for a good seal.

Unless you are partial to leaky hatches, making your own rims is not a good idea.

Emergency covers
Althought one can always make these for oneself, they do make:

Emergency Hatch Covers are made from neoprene and seal with shock cord (like a spraycover). Available in two sizes to fit Valley small and large hatch.

MSRP: $15.00

Yup, cost effective
At $15 dollars I find it more cost effective to buy rather than make - materials plus my time is worth more than fifteen bucks.

They are also lighter and more compact than carrying spare regular VCP covers.

I got my emergency Valley hatch covers from AKT.

What’s wrong with the stock rims?
They’re light and can be glassed into any wood or fiberglass boat.

I’d thought about that
I’d thought about that, and think a mock up before actually building it into the boat would probably be best. But, you’re right it would probably be extremely hard to make it perfect.