Valley Kayak: need aggressive thigh pads

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Does anyone have a Valley RM boat of any style and have a solution to the nonagressive stock thigh pads; you know, the ones that have two Phillips head screws holding them in. I know I could minicell carve some thigh pads (does anyone have a link), but also wondering if any aggressive (hooking inner rthigh) pads are available for the pre-drilled holes in the Valley coaming. The stck thigh pads are non-functional as they are basically flat on the bottom.


Not RM, but made my own…

Seems to be a reasonable combination of not getting in the way and funtionaly when I need 'em. But again, not an RM boat. Good luck.

I have a Aquanaut RM
And find the stock thigh pads fit me just right. It is the LV model. Just finished a 3 day 80 mile paddle with some rough conditions and had no problems with the fit.

Other manufacturers thigh braces
You might take a look at the thigh braces in other manufacturer’s boats.

I replaced the thigh braces in my Pyranha Inazone (which were so agressive I could not do a wet exit)with a set from Dagger.

Look at whitewater boats.

I adapted an old Perception thighbrace for my Avocet.

Knee brace kit??

or maybe this

Minicell Is Your Friend…

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unless the thigh braces are not sticking out far enough to give a good platform, minicell can be shaped to provide more hook and grip for the existing braces.

Minicell is every kayaker's friend (who doesn't mind a little DIY). Learn to shape it, stick it, and keep plenty of 1" and 1/4" sheets around along with the other good buddy, Weldwood.


I was teaching a woman to roll in the same situation last year. I saw that prijon had a nice thigh brace that gets screwed into the boat and she bought those. She has sold the boat before installing them and I can get you her email address if you email me.

I’m sure she still has them. in CT

mention kayak in the message so I don’t trash you.

I padded out my greenlander using NSI thigh pads. I love the fit, it was relatively cheap and easy, and I’m getting ready to do my pintail. I’ll try to get some photos online and link to them.