Valley Kayak Seat Replacement ?

Hey There,

I just bought a Valley Kayak about a month ago and the seat back is real trash… a shame considering the overall quaility of the rest of the kayak. I paddle a lot and was going to replace the seat back anyway but it just ripped right out and broke the foundation that holds the the string they provide for lateral support.

Does anyone have a rec. on an aftermarket replacment seat? I’ve looked aroud at local outfitters and there is a Wilderness systems one that looks ok but I’m looking for comfort and don’t mind taking my time to order online if I have to.

Also, I just got a compass that sits in the recess above the front hatch… would you suggest sealing around the compass or just screwing it right into the boat??

Thanks for any advice.



foam seat, no seal
compass first - no sealant, but put a little rubber washer between the compass and boat on each of the four screws. As I understand it, if the fit is too tight, it can put pressure on the compass body, making a leak more likely from the compass housing.

Some of my cronies have replaced Avocet seats with pre-formed foam ones. NDK markets one; CLC has one called “Happy bottom pad” for $38. I hear bad things about their Creature Comfort seat, however. You can also get a 3" foam block 2x2’ and carve your own.