Valley Kayak Storage Deck Pods ??

-- Last Updated: May-16-13 11:22 AM EST --

Has anyone else found that their front deck storage pod on the new Valley boats to leak because the hatch cover doesn't seal tight. It seems that any little pressure or contact with the hatch cover only further exasperates the issue with the cover as that causes it to suck in even more water that has collected around the rim from general paddling. I also tested it in the sink where it was easy to replicate the problem. It leaks. Yes I have contacted Valley, but the onus has been put on me to spend the money to drive to a dealer or ship it back, but I prefer not to spend more money if it is a design flaw so wondering what others have experienced with theirs.

No issue…
Not a design flaw… maybe just an issue with yours - Id send it back to the shop you bought it through or head to your local dealer for pressure test - if it has a defect - Valley will surly replace it under warranty.