Valley knee tube

I’m thinking of getting a valley knee tube for my Avocet RM but I’ve never seen one. I’m assuming that they have one that fits in the RM, since I have a couple of unused bolts in the front deck - probably to install it? If any of you have one installed, would you mind commenting on it, and posting some photos?



RM knee tube?
I’ve yet to see an RM Valley boat with a knee tube.

The only Valley knee tube I have ever

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seen, improv, was on Wenley's blog--you'll have to do a search of old posts or contact him directly, a super nice dude--and that was in his new Valley Nordkapp. As I recall from his posts from about a year ago, he really regretted getting the glass-in knee tube as it was constantly in his way for legs, exits, et cetera.

P.s. I adore my Avocet RM. KNeetubeless.

PPS I found Wenley's knee tube post:

I started thinking about it as a possible place to store my pump. The Avocet RM doesn’t have a gap between the seat and the shell (like some glass boats) and it doesn’t fit behind the seat either. I’m looking for a way to remove it from under the front deck cords. Some comments were once made about the tube actually providing some positive knee bracing inside so I was curious to actually see it.

If not a knee tube, I would consider an underdeck bag like the Nonrthwaters but I would have to drill holes in my RM boat to attach it and I have not yet decided that that’s a good idea either.

I love my Avocet as well. Super boat!


Knee tube doesn’t get in the way if it is cut to a length that works before installing.

tape it in to determine fit…then cut off the front until it gives the desired clearances…then when you have it correct, glass it in.

This is usually from 3 to 6 inches in front of the combing depending on the boat.

If installed full length as it coes from Valley…it might get in the way.

The knee tube is meant to be fitted, not just put in

Best Wishes


rather than drill holes
you could try epoxying the Northwater bag in place. West Systems GFlex expoy works on plastic, but you have to heat treat the plastic first. The process isn’t that difficult. I don’t know how much weight the Glex will allow the bag to hold.

Is this a Valley knee tube?
Thanks a lot for the photos but now I’m confused. Are these photos of the valley knee tube? If so, I can’t see how it would be attached to an RM boat since it’s not a tube per-se. My Acocet RM has two unused bolts at the top of the deck. One close to the cockpit/keyhole and one a couple of feet down towards the feet. I assumed that these are attachment points for the knee tube but now I’m not so sure.

Anyway - I like the way you have foamed in a knee brace against the tube. I’m looking for some way to build up more of a “hook” for my knees to help control the boat when edging and rolling. My knees don’t need much foaming against the deck but they can slip when trying to pull the boat from a roll.


How soon you forget

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there Cooldoc