Valley/Nordcapp Footbrace help

I picked up an older Nordkapp with an ocean cockpit that has fiberglass ridges on either side running parralel to the deck to a foot brace. For now, I want to put an aluminum bar across and may make or buy a sliding bulkhead. The problem I am having is the spot where I want to mount the bar is too far forward for me to reach. I have the bar and hardware. Any suggestions? Does Valley make a sliding bulkhead?

One thing to try…
I found this out by chance. To extend your reach, set the boat up on something and turn it upsidedown. Enter from below, this may give you more reach. It gave me enough reach to glass in bulkheads on my Pygmy… Good luck… GH

Thanks it worked!
Had my stepson reach in and secure it. It will just be a real pain to adjust. Just need to put in a backband and replace the deck rigging.

I Would Have Helped…
us little guys are good around tight boats. :slight_smile:


I wish I had figured that out before my kids got too big to fit underneath the deck :slight_smile:

what model?
Is it an HM or an HS. I have an HM. The serial number indicates it was built in 1983. Both the front and rear hatches are 7.5 inches which makes packing quite interesting.

I leaned mine upside down on the deck stairs and was able to squeeze in far enough to cut the fiberglass flanges out with a dremel tool.

I replaced them with Yakima foot braces. It was the entrapment risk that convinced me.


Not sure of the year, Have not found the SN yet, but it sounds like yours. I may cut out the flanges also but I think the bar will be ok. Just need to make a backband and get a skirt.


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I found a good connection for Yakima foot braces back somewhere in the midwest. I put some in the Revenge to replace the ones that worke with the rudder.

A few bucks cheaper than most places. If you want I can try and find the address....It was in Indiana, I think...

Newfound woodworks
and CLC have pretty good prices on Yakima foot braces.

If you’ve got the ocean cockpit finding a skirt can be tough.

I got one through Great River Outfitters, they’re the U.S. importer of Valley Boats. I think snap dragon makes one as well (size xxs).

The SN on mine is near the stern. It looks like it’s hand ingraved so it’s kind of hard to see. The last two numbers are the year.