Valley Nordkapp HMC

One for sale nearby. No idea what “HMC” stands for.

Too large for a 5’5" 110# paddler?


H stands for Hatches {you could order without years ago}

M stands for modified hull {has a built on skeg portion on the rear…a kind of fin shape on the rear of the bottom

And the C denotes a slalom cockpit {not as big as a keyhole but larger than an ocean cockpit}

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Thank you, Roy!
It’s always a good day when I learn something new.

Made for expeditions… It would take about three of you in it before it would paddle decent.

Thanks, Grayhawk.
There’s a Nordy LV for sale a couple hundred miles downstate, but I like my creature comforts too much to plan any expeditions in the near future, so probably not a good option.

Seventeen feet does sound very long…


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kind of water are you planning on paddling? Great Lakes or inland?

17 feet might not be too depends on the kayak and how much is in the water. From the size you stated #110 and 5'5. I would think a NDK Pilgrim or a Valley Avocete LV ....even a regular Romany would work. P&H 161 or depending on skill set maybe even a Vela or if you want to do Greenland style the Anas Acuda or the Tahe Greenlander....there didn't use to be many that covered your stated size...that has changed .

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Nord LV
I like mine, but only use it as a day boat. It’s sporty and wants more attention than the usual expedition/camping trip boat. If you put weight (gear) in it, it should settle down for you, but at your weight you’d probably find it a bit fussy when unladen. I think it was Celia’s hub who had one. You might email her for comments.

Nord LV
It will dance with you but you had better know the steps. I never got comfortable in mine, sold it and bought my Caribou back.

Very Welcome.

My tentative suggestion of the Nord LV is as a possible tripping boat for you. For all around use, I agree with Roy’s suggestions.

Great Lakes
My current boat is fine on our larger inland lakes but I’d really like something a bit longer for Lakes Michigan, Huron and maybe next summer, Superior.

Tried an Avocet LV but the cockpit was huge. Plus, there’s no used Avocet LVs. There’s a Romany for sale on CL for $2700. Was purchased in 1997. And an 2008 Valley Anas Acuta in the Pnet classifieds for $950.

I don’t mind learning new dance steps so long as the dance doesn’t abruptly switch from a waltz to rock and roll.

There’s a Valley Skerray for sale at this link:

What is the red gizmo with the black handle in the third photo?

Thanks, guys.

red gizmo
bilge pump

The hmc

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had a consistent reputation for a tendency to leecock in a following wind. However, I never paddled it.

For a 19 year old boat? Buy some of whatever they’re smoking. It’s got to be really great stuff.

Boat plus some items
No sizing info on the paddles.

Sounds like they’re asking $10/lb for that Romany… :slight_smile:

not so much how big the cockpit is…seats can be changed etc…it’s more how it sits in the water with your weight…and how the hull paddles for you.or if the deck height is way too high. The other stuff…like seat and cockpit outfitting is like a couch or easy chair in a house…if you like the house…if you like the hull…same same…Don’t buy a house because of the easy chair that’s in it…don’t buy a kayak because of the seat and interior outfitting {that is where you put the custom fitting touches.

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is too big …too much volume for your size.

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The kayak for $1500 and the accessories for full cost.

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Probably due to my inexperience,
but I find it difficult to judge a boat when I can’t put it on edge and keep it there because of so little contact. The Avocet LV did move forward nicely. It was also different in that it was the first soft chined boat I’ve paddled.

On the other hand, Valley made some changes with the Sirona 15-10. Thicker padded seat and better fitting cockpit for me (maybe smaller?) except the thigh braces are oddly positioned.

Enjoyed it, but that’s a $4K boat and one I’m pretty sure I won’t find listed on CL.

There’s a handful of cedar strip kayaks listed locally, ranging from $7,000 (gasp) to $750. Are these more difficult to maintain?