Valley Nordkapp HS value

Looking for an estimate of value for a fiberglass Valley Nordkapp HS with a retractable skeg in very good condition. These were made in the 80s and 90s.

If it’s of any help, there’s a 2001 Nordkapp Jubilee listed on a local Craigslist for $1450. Listing states it’s in excellent condition.

Are you buying or selling?


The HS didn’t get discontinued. It’s the HM that is no longer made. It would be better to know which version of the HS you are asking about.

It’s difficult to tell from photos. The kayak is fiberglass, has a smaller, rounder ocean cockpit, no day hatch, the front hatch is round but the rear hatch is oval. The (VCP?) hatch covers have been replaced with ones that have a reinforcing metal band. The deck lines are recessed and the fittings are held in with screws. The kayak has a deck-mounted Silva compass, a Henderson bailing pump, and a retractable skeg. Don’t know if the skeg is the small, triangular plastic one or the larger fiberglass one. Hope this helps.

What year is it?

Sounds like the early HS… before the Jubilee, Later than the molded in pins for the perimeter lines …maybe 93 to 97 {the metal band around the hatch covers are the older ones , not the newer ones} Might be earlier than 93 I can’t remember exactly when the large rear hatch was added to the Nordkapp. I would put the value between $300 and at most $500…closer to $300…not by any means a beginner kayak

1991, but will ask the seller for S/N to be sure.

Seller asking $1,700

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Thanks. In a similar vein, not too long ago someone was selling a computer at half price. It cost $1800 new so he priced it at $900. The only problem is the OS was Windows 3.1!

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What happened to your post?

They believe what they have been reading about prices…but don’t realize that the world passed what they have by…

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I changed it to a upside down laugh
it’s appropriate.

Agree, $1700 is way off the mark. Nordkapps are highly respected kayaks but after 40 years newer designs have relegated them almost to curiosities now. Any number of modern designs are more stable, more comfortable, easier to handle and don’t weigh a ton. If you thought the Caribou was twitchy you’ll be in for a rude awakening in an ocean cockpit Nordy.


Sorry to have changed my post…but I realized the I probably didn’t want whatever the seller was drinking…it’s could be cheap …and raw. I like smooth and full {single malt is good …a little high on the shelf is good}

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Early Nords were unique and innovative expedition boats but time and design has passed some by … Think about what you would pay for a Betamax now days.

To me worth zero. If you like paddling history for kicks or old school 3-400 tops in great shape. As said above you’ll run back to your Caribou. Friend had one from 80s he paid 800 9+ years ago. He just had to have one. It was beat up black one. He was robbed without a gun. Emotions took him.

Thanks paddle, that’s why I post here, to sort fact from fiction