Valley Nordkapp RM vs Aquanaut Club RM

I’m thinking of upgrading to a Nordkapp RM. Does anyone know what the handling characteristic differences are?

A few observations
I don’t own either boat, but a touring partner has the Nordkapp RM and another has the standard Aquanaut in FG, and I’ve had the chance to paddle both a bit.

The Aquanaut is a fairly stable and predictable touring boat, capable of hauling a ton of gear in rough water. My buddy, an experienced Level 4 paddler, loves the capacity and big-water manners, though complains a bit about her tendency to wander (tracking) in the big stuff.

The Nordkapp RM is perhaps one of the finest poly boats I’ve seen, with very crisp lines. The hatches in particular are almost like those found on most glass boats; a stiff, sturdy ABS(?) rim welded into the poly deck, with the classic VCP hatch covers for a bombproof fit. Much less interior volume than the Aquanaut, though, so you’ll have to pack leaner. The slim, very rounded hull profile also makes her more tender in the water and may require a bit more attention, but also makes her quite fast for long touring days.

Good luck!