Valley Q-boat handling

Any Q-boat owners had a chance to hit rough water with

this boat and have any feedback. I was wondering about

that clipper style bow in rougher water(rougher meaning

any kinda from small chop in a lake to surfing in the

ocean). I’ve had this model on flat water and liked it

but never had the chance to paddle in any other

conditions. I’ve looked at reviews and anything I could

find online but not alot of info on this model.

What do find lacking in the reviews posted here on p-net?

I’ve got one in my fleet
but it is mostly used by my son so I can’t give you an accurate analysis. One thing I know is that it is good to have some weight on you to sink the boat deep enough to dunk the bow and stern to minimize the significant rocker on this boat. Otherwise a skeg 1/3 way down will do well. Of course also a balast weight or loading up the hatches will work …

4 years in mine
on a variety of textures. Stern is loose with no skeg and will quickly result in broaching or weather cocking if you fail to maintain attention. That makes it fun and playful to me. Skeg down will help if windy or if you wish less tracking input. I am 175#'s and typically just day paddle with some extra weight of food and gear. I always stow that aft for more neutral trim. I have not yet experienced bow pinning or chine grabbing in surf likely due to paddling within my limits as opposed to hull factors.