Valley Sea Kayak Web site

Valley has launched there new web site.

Looks good!!!

wow, big difference!
That’s a nice site especially after the crappy one that they had for years. Looks like they’re coming out with a plastic surf kayak. Nice!

Sign me up for a Rapier 20, oh yea…

Caught it last week. After months of promise finally an updated web site. Still some bugs in links and some boat descriptions for wrong model, but overall a very nice site.

Now if they can only catch-up on orders and get their containers to the US in a timely manner :wink:

The rapier looks nice, but not sure how I feel about the big URL on the side of the boat. You think that’s how it comes, or just added on the website model?

Rapier 20
At recent demo day I saw a guy static bracing in the rapier 20. Cool boat and very fast.

Having paddled the first demos to touch down on these shores, they are unique fast boats. I see though that they have retained the Navigator rudder (Boooo…), which reminds me of some bizarre Mousetrap game plastic guillotine (ker-chunk!) when deployed. These boats cry out for a gas pedal/carbon rudder setup like Pat at Onnopaddle crafts.

Also, that 60’s Hotwheel metalflake is just plain fugly. Sorry, the brown looks like a long floating log, and the blue calls for a shag carpet cockpit. Replace the ‘www.valley…’ decal with a bumpersticker that reads: ‘When this boat’s rockin’…’ and you’re all set.

They do paddle nicely though. And did I mention fast? :wink:

Too bad didn’t…
Include cockpit dimensions. That really frustrates me when trying to compare boats.


Q boat?
Where has that gone?

30 seconds later
I found it.

Aquanaut LV
Still waiting for the new Aquanaut LV (composite) to arrive on our side of the pond.

last word I heard was mid-July
for the promised Valley boats.

Demoed a Nordkapp LV at The Kayak Center RI last week. A very fun boat. I also am looking forward to demoing an Aquanaut LV.

comments on Rapier 20
I’ve got some comments in my blog on Rapier 20 from Niggel Hatton, UK, who has been paddling that kayak for a few months:

It looks like he replaced the original rudder.