Valley Sea Kayaks

Did anyone check out Valley’s new website yet?

It may not be perfect but it’s a huge improvement on what they used to have.

love it!
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I can’t for the life of me figure out why there aren’t more composite sea kayaks out there!

They make great boats, when the pubs are closed. If that’s their niche, I don’t hold it against them. If I owned a business I might run it the same way.

It’s definitely a good thing that they’re better at building boats than websites!

Shows a company not run well or lacking financial resourses to correct problems.

No problem with the link
right now. Might have been undergoing an update.

A vast improvement over what it used to be.

Being fair
You are judging based on a US standard and frankly that is not fair. Most of Europe is behind the US in terms of how saturated they are with reliance on web sites because the band width is lousy compared to more developed areas of the US. It takes robust band width for the quality of a web site to be equivalent to a company’s stature.

P&H makes good boats and has for many years. Peter Orton himself has been very, very good to deal with in fixing issues with boats when you can get to him. My husband and an acquaintance both had that experience. Frankly much better than you would get with many larger more corporate domestic companies.

The web site has a history of being not well managed at P&H, and at other Brit kayak manufacturers. The boats are an entirely different matter and if you had followed this company well you would know that.

And by the way, the stories about the pub being adjacent to the plant are about a different brand than P&H. Which company also puts out excellent designs, with some argument to be had about the consistency of their quality.

good to see

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Looks good now it was down for a while. Great they're still going strong. Looked few weeks ago or it seems as time flies I should have clicked on link first my stupid mistake. Go Valley!

good to see it back up

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Sorry for my skepticism KBrady.

Frankly, there is no reason a company in the UK cannot have a functional website. No one was asking for something updated daily. There are scores of small companies across the UK and elsewhere who can somehow manage to keep a web presence, at a minimum. That's all we're describing here. And Valley did have a consistent web presence in the past. I don't believe anyone here has ever questioned their quality, so a web presence is all they needed.

Kudos to them for getting it up and running. Nice and clean also.

Another compliment for fitting a fullsize oval hatch to the Anas Acuta deck.

Now I can’t wait.
After reading again that Valley has rejiggered the lines of the Nordkapp, I can’t wait to demo it. IF it is that much better than the ones I have tried, it should be outstanding.

Celia suggests “Most of Europe is behind the US in terms of how saturated they are with reliance on web sites because the band width is lousy compared to more developed areas of the US.”

Actually, it’s quite the reverse … we generally lag Europe in bandwidth; although our prices tend to be higher. I found this the case when traveling, but it is easily verified with a Google search.

Based on friends in France…
Though it is possible I am out of date. But I know that was a complaint, and it was not unusual, from someone I know who has lived in Paris for enough years to finish school, get married and have the first child well beyond toddler.

They did have internet services, but obtaining a healthy enough amount of it for two people to be on at once without it being quite slow was a challenge.

Wonder if it is a difference between how much it is allocated to the public versus how much is reserved to private or home contracts.

Anas oval hatch ???
…The keyhole cockpit version with oval in the front ??? NON-as Acuta !!! Horrible desecration of a perfect and beautiful form-functional design. Awful, terrible, inexcusable, and seriously ugly.

That dinky hatch is the antithesis of “form follows function”. Shame on them for not starting out that way. I already have a dinky hatch, it’s my day hatch. It does nothing to the lines aesthetically either.

The keyhole coaming, I can agree with that. If I could get one with an ocean coaming and oval front hatch I’d be a happy camper (sorry for the pun).

It is exactly form following function…
Small hatches are far less likely to leak or implode, and it is a rough water specific boat. Never meant to carry folding cots, dutch ovens, or laptops. The most beautiful sea kayak ever made. Even the 2nd gen oval in the back was awful, but at least you didn’t have to look at it. Adulterating this design is like grafting Donald Trump’s head onto Maria Menounos.

you’re going to throw your back out

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...trying to justify your position. In all my years of paddling I've never had an oval hatch implode. Do you have stats to back up your assertion? Because it sounds like armchair conjecture to me. I wonder why either of the Dereks even allow oval hatches on their boats. For shame!

Meanwhile, I can fit stuff thru the oval hatch easier. You want to obsess over aesthetics, fine. We're talking about the progression of functional design.

I know it's a rough water boat, genius. I paddle "rough water" with another british brand that has - you guessed it - oval hatches. Write me back when you see a Valley oval hatch implode.

not just order one the way you want it?

BTW 7.5 inch hatch covers cost less when they need replacing.

Not sure what you are carrying that takes all that big of opening…but if you need it, I’m sure they would custom do an Ocean cockpit with large ovals.

not really any reason to get nasty over hatch configurations.

Best Wishes


I wasn’t getting nasty

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until I was condescended to. Try reading upthread.

I just love how I'm supposed to be welcome to my choice, but must be reminded that:

It's a rough water kayak.

Oval hatches implode!!!

Round hatches are cheaper. And what on earth do you need an oval hatch for? A cot? A dutch oven? You guys sure stick together, I'll give you that. Can I order an Anas in sealskin and bone? No?

Again - I've been doing this for a little bit, and oval hatches have been around for a little bit (even the rough-water Anas has one on the stern deck). Not everyone else in the forum is a newbie.

I'll apologize to you both, as soon as you finish detailing your whitewall tires.

Not an ocean cockpit in sight
That’s truly sad; there’s nothing in their line that I would consider buying.