Valley Sirona 15.10 RM for smaller paddler?

Anyone who has paddled this boat and can say if it’s a good fit for a women 5’ 6” and under 135? Any idea how it might compare to the Avocet RM? Other comments? Thanks!

Haven’t paddled it (nor an Avocet) - too large for either. But the Sirona should have a similar fit to the Avocet.

If it doesn’t work, the Gemini RM should be a good fit. 2 smaller women I know have them (one is 4’10 and under 100 lbs, the other 5’1" and 110) and they use it in the smallest person foot peg positions. It can even fit me at 6’ and 215 lbs in the larger person foot positions.

I demoed the Sirona LV a few years ago. It was a much better fit than the Avocet LV I had demoed, which made me feel like I was sitting in the cockpit of a rec kayak (am 5’5", 115#).

I liked the Sirona but there was something funky about the cockpit that didn’t feel right for me. It’s 50# weight also was a negative. Also demoed a North Shore Atlantic LV that day, which I liked much better than the Sirona.

Thanks. I haven’t been in the Avocet LV, just the Avocet RM. So I guess you’re saying the Sirona 15.10 is smaller than the Avocet RM? And also is the Sirona RM the same thing as when you refer to the LV, or is that a composite boat?

It’s difficult to tell since it seems like fit is also dependent on that latter point, i. e. whether the boat is plastic or composite. I know I have to try it out myself to tell if I like it, but it’s pretty far away from me and not a great price, so I’m mulling over whether it’s worth it.

Per the Valley website, there is no Sirona LV available in RM, only composite. Only the Sirona 16-1 is available in RM; weighs nearly 60#.

The Avocet LV I demoed was RM. Length 15’11" - just an inch longer than the Sirona LV. When I paddled the Avocet I was probably at 110# or a bit under and remember my shock when I sat in the cockpit as I had no connection with the boat whatsoever. There were no hip pads and just a very thin layer of mincell attached to the thigh braces. Maybe the absence of outfitting was particular to that boat, as it was used as a demo and probably a rental. On the other hand, while reading some old reviews about the Avocet LV I came across comments about the lack of outfitting.

No such issues with the Sirona LV, but there was something about the location of the thigh braces that felt off. Maybe it was the cockpit size, which is 31.5 x 18.25. The keyhole cockpits on my boats are 16.50".

Thanks for all the info, very helpful!