Valley Sirona, new for 2016

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Available in Europe, but not here until next year. Valley might make good boats, but their website stinks.

Sure would like to learn the weight of the LV model.

Should be around 40lbs. or less
If you’re willing to pay for carbon/kevlar.

My NordLo came in at 43lb. and was a larger boat.

A little more info…

It looks very interesting!

If anyone finds compare to Vela?
Would love to see it. Probably unlikely given the Vela is an older and very nichey now… but the use description for this boat matches the profile for the Vela.

Size of the LV - just ran the conversion and the recommended paddler weight in kg’s converts to 88 to 155 pounds.

Weight - TBC
What the heck does TBC mean? To be calculated?


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It doesn't look THAT much different from the Avocet or Avocet LV in dimension or rocker, and Valley already has the Gemini boats if somebody wants a shorter or more rockered boat than the Avocets. I see they've also persisted in keeping that poorly designed and nearly useless POS they call a pod.

No mention of material …
I wonder if it is ABS… It would make sense to have a new model line if so.

hooray, but
I always like seeing more realistically-sized boats, for what most people most regularly use their touring kayaks for. This is no exception. Most of us do not need an 18’ expedition boat.

But I’m with SeaAddict: why? how does this boat differ from the Avocet? If “more playful”, then why not just revive the Pintail and AA?

That Sirona at the UK site
is priced at £2495.00, or $3855 USD.

Can’t be ABS at that price.

To Be Confirmed…I think!

Bingo Slush
Those are two great boats they could bring back. Or is (or has) Valley fallen into change for change sake? That’s what I thought the pod thing was about. It could be useful if they’d make it a true 4th hatch instead of a gimmick.

Hatch now, not pod
According to Justine Curgenven:

“There’s a hatch in the front instead of the pod. It’s a good size and shape (Doesn’t get in the way when getting in and out of the kayak).”

I have a lot more time in the Vela
Have paddled the Avocet line, but nearly the butt time as in the Vela. Hence my question.

Then kudos to Valley
for rethinking their mistake. Glad to hear it.

More width and girth?
Maybe with a little more stability to fit the modern body shapes.


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Avocet LV: 15.11 length, 20.5 beam, 11.5 depth
Sirona LV: 15.11 length, 20.75 beam, 12 depth

I don't have the experience to even guess what effect, if any, such small differences would make.

The Avocet LV weighs 46#

I would pay dearly

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for either one of those boats, only fitted with large oval (useful) hatches. The AA is legendary and still paddles great.

If I ever get one
I’ll call it My Sirona… Apologies to The Knack.

Kayak Centre of Rhode Island
The Kayak Centre of Rhode Island has the Sirona in Stock.,2847.html

Other sizes coming soon.

Ok I have a avocet RM and never paddles a pintail which it says its a merger of the two. I wonder if they will have a poly version. Plus how different could it really be. I will try one out come next summer to see but I highly doubt there will be much to it. Still I always like trying out new stuff.

My avocet for me is the easiest rolling boat I have ever tried. I have tried many too.