Valley Skeg Adjustment

I have an anas acuta approximately 6 years old. The skeg does not come all of the way into the housing when the knob is all the way forward. Can I just adjust the knob on the slider to pull it in further, or will I have to adjust the cable witin the slider? We’re not talking about much of an ajustment, no more than 3/8". Thanks in advance for any advise.

a skeg that is slightly
proud (sticks out a bit) is rather common.

If that bothers you unscrew the little recessed grub screw found on the slider knob.

Chances are it’s a 2.5mm allen key.

Unscrew, slide the knob further back (just a bit) and screw tight again.

Don’t stuff it up with the wrong size allen key…

Make sure you use METRIC hex, not imperial.

Thanks for your responses
to my question regarding the skeg adjustment. I was called out of town on work and forgot to check on my post until today.

It is funny that the skeg will go all the way into the slot when I pull it up after letting it out. It seems like the cable loses tension over time and the skeg drops out about a quarter inch. I wonder if that is a result of the cable gaining some slack over time. No big deal really, but I may adjust it a bit as you suggest.

It’s normal…
For it to hang down 1/4" it gives you something to grab onto should you need to.

Sounds like
the little set screw mentioned might already be a bit loose if the adjustment is not constant. Check all those fittings.