Valley skeg slider knob options

I am looking for replacement options for the black plastic skeg slider knob on my 2006 Q boat. It goes over the SST tube that encases the twisted cable. Besides the stock Valley one, do any other manufactured ones work? Suggestions for garage made?

Iā€™m not aware of any issues with the Valley slider knob. Some people grind it down so that it fits a little more flush with the deck. If one over-tightens the allen screw it can crack the slider.

Replacements are fairly priced and readily available. I wish I could only say the same for the overpriced skeg blade.

DIY slider
I have retrofitted a ruddered kayak that with a DIY skeg, including slider.

I made one from polycarbonate (Lexan) shaped to the slider casing and secured it with a stainless steel grub screw.

Details on the whole project here:

Wilderness Systems/Dagger/Perception
Their skeg knob should work and be more flush.

Nice article

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And nice skeg design and information.
thanks for making the page.

replacement made
The original knob had worn/broken through on the bottom resulting in loss of skeg movement and control. I balked at $9 purchase price plus $6 ground shipping (5 to 7 business days) for the same knob that I was going to grind down to lower height anyway. I band sawed, sanded and drilled a nice shaped wedge of delrin last night. Unlike the factory knob, it does not lean or twist causing undue stress on slider tube. While removed, the skeg wire got cleaned and lubed. And the leading edge of the skeg blade was tapered for reduced (in my mind) drag.