Valley Skerray Excel?

Why is there so little information on this kayak? Is it the same as the Skerray rm? One is for sale on Madisons craigslist for $1100. I need another kayak like I need a hole in my head but???

Thanks for any help, Jaws

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Other sites list it as 24" wide.

The owner has it posted as 22.5 wide?

excel, rm, rmx
I think the Excel is the large skerray in glass. The plastic model came in RM and RMX sizes. My wife paddles an RM and likes it. Good all around boat. A touch wider than other Valley boats. I think hers is 22 inches?

There are 4 or 5 Skerray models:

  1. Skerray RM–the original plastic model, 17’ long, 23" wide, ocean cockpit
  2. Skerray RMX–the 2nd plastic model, 17’ long, 23" wide, with larger conventional keyhole-type cockpit
  3. Skerray–the fiberglass version of the Skerray RM–There is definitely a keyhole cockpit version; I believe that there may also be an ocean cockpit version. Dimensions are 17’ long, 23" wide
  4. Skerray XL or Excel–larger fiberglass version. Dimensions are 17’8" long, 24" wide. This is a BIG boat.

Dimensions are 17’8" long, 24" wide
That’s JUMBO!

The Skerray RM was…
…the closest thing in the Valley line to a plastic version of the Pintail. We used them in Shetland and they were outstanding rough water boats. One of our party was a plastic Avocet owner who, after paddling the Skerray, decided to use one of them instead of the Avocets that were available. It’s too bad that they’re no longer in production.