Valley Skerray fiberglass

Have opportunity to buy 1997 model in good condition. Concerned about it’s weight - 75 pounds- and speed. Anyone who has a Skerray or paddled one, I’d like to hear about your experiences with the boat.

That is indeed very heavy. Is that someone’s ballpark estimate, or did someone actually weigh the boat? If it is actually 75 pounds, personally, I’d pass. 60 pounds is all I really want to lug around by myself.

The Plastic Skerray is fairly wide (like 23-24"), and on the slow end of average, as far as speed goes. The back deck is a bit high compared to modern designs. I don’t have experience with the glass skerray.

I owned a Valley Skerray XL
It weighed OVER 75lbs. Yes, I put it on a scale just to be sure it was that heavy! It was manufactured in 1994 and was in like new condition as the previous owner was older and could not lug that much weight around. While I consider myself a very healthy 50 something male I too learned that I did not want to lug over 75lbs. of kayak around so I sold it the following year to a couple who had a cottage on a lake.

It was a VERY slow kayak. But I guess I should have known that being as it was 24.5" wide. It was very reassuring in rough water. But every time i paddled flat water I cursed it’s barge like slowness. I have regretted selling certain kayaks but this isn’t one of them!

We paddled borrowed plastic Skerrys
…when we were in Shetland in '04. They were great rough water boats, basically like a wider version of the Pintail, which we both own. We enjoyed them thoroughly. No, they’re not fast boats, but they’re very capable. Whether that’s what you want or not is up to you. As for the weight, that seems excessive, which is a shame.

One warning
Valley produced some Skerrys without skegs. i paddled one on a day trade one time and it was a nightmare in following seas. Make sure this one has a skeg if you consider it at all.

Good point!
A skeg is a necessity on a Skerray.

Bought the Skerray
I ended up buying the Skerray. A very well-built boat and a great price. Yes, it has a skeg and yes, it needs one. It is not a speed demon but nowhere as slow as I feared. I thought children on innertubes would be passing me by. And as I paddle for recreation and fitness speed is not my primary goal. The deciding factor was the Skerry’s ability to take rough water. I want to get out of my comfort zone with flatwater and I think this is a good boat to advance my skills. My scale says the boat is 65 pounds. Thank you to all who offered advice and happy paddling.