Valley Skerray Fiberglass

I am looking for experiences/stories on the Valley Skerray 17ft kayak in fiberglass. There is one for sale near me I am considering. Price is $800. I am told it is not an Excel or XL as seen in the reviews on this site. I am not finding much information. This boat has a round/oval cockpit - not a keyhole. It does not have a day hatch. It has a bilge pump with a handle behind the cockpit on the right hand side. I think it is a 24 inch boat. Articles I do see say it is a good boat for rough water but is “slow” on calm water. Slow is relative so ? I would be comparing it to my Dagger Halifax. I am 6’2" 245 lbs.

Anybody have any information to share on this boat ? Other than going to fiberglass is it worth trading from my Halifax ? Would the speed be as good or better than the Halifax ? Having a skeg vs. rudder is a plus, but I don’t want to sacrifice speed. Finally, is $800 a good price ? Looks to be in very good condition from the pictures.

Had one
I did not mind the ocean cockpit. There is plenty of volume. $800 is a great price. The kayak does need the skeg to track Well made. Might be a squeeze getting in. Try it out. You should be able to resell it for what you paid